The Saucony Triumph 11 is a strong cushioned shoe for amateur runners. With a weight of 306 grams this shoe weighs almost 100 grams more than my regular competition shoes so I was looking forward to the test! Unlike my other shoe from Saucony - the Kinvara 4 - the Triumph11 fits the foot well without pressure points: The lacing can be adjusted around the forefoot area and  it gives enough room for my toes have enough space. My instincs tell me that this is a good shoe! What about the running characteristics? I have tested the 11 Saucony Triumph in several situations over 100km and the outcome was good:  


This clearly shows the strength of this shoe: Long distances at marathon pace are easily attainable. I can imagine that it would be very comfortable and easy to run a few miles wearing these shoes. The cushioning is noticeable but not irritating; especially on hard, uneven surface (eg cobbles). The Saucony Triumph 11 fully plays up to its strengths, concept and conditions. I am a runner who likes to travel with clean pastern technology. I like to be supported in my movement and not forced to tread heavily on my heels. thanks to the relatively low detonation of 8mm this is not the case.  

Mountain and trail running

The shoe has a good grip on slippery and muddy ground (upwards and downwards) and thanks to the good cushioning you can run easily on rocky trails.  However, it is important to remember that the shoe is not waterproof (eg Goretex) which means that running through wet grass or even mud holes can make your feet very wet. On the other hand ventilation helps maintain good foot temperature which is very beneficial.  

Tempo running

Why is the Saucony Triumph 11 so good at higher tempos? I had a trial where I ran a few laps at a fast pace (faster than 4min/km) to test the speed range of this shoe. Here, the increased weight compared to a light racing shoe. However, it is bettered by the fact that the cushioning allows support and gives you a nice, clean and quick running style on the road.  


Finally, I could not resist doing a couple of 60m sprints. Unexpectedly I found that the shoes were well made for this test: They gave me a clean run and allowed a faster pace than expected. They are quite capable to do the classic short sprints at the end of training.  

My conclusion:

The Saucony Triumph 11 is a great long-range shoe for the neutral runners who want to complete building base miles with little more than the usual comforts. I'm looking forward to more training in preparation for the 2015 season! saucony triumph 11