Our partner Saucony has started the new year with a new brand focus under the motto of “Run Your World”. To launch the campaign, the American running shoe company hosted a great event with select guests and influencers - and presented the new Saucony City Guide. Keller Sports was also invited to the event, represented by the purchasing team and the Keller Sports Running Pros.


From 20th January, the brand’s Saucony City Guide will be reaching out to all those who already lead or are aiming for a sporty urban lifestyle. The Guide will provide tips on locations and activities split into the categories of ‘Work Out’, ‘Hang Out’ and ‘Go Out’ - all in the five large cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Vienna. Parallel to this, Saucony also hosted an exclusive launch event for the new Life On The Run shoe models, which impress with the best designs and technologies. These shoes were made to support athletes during their workouts, be it at the gym or on the running track. They’re also stylish enough to combine beautifully with your everyday outfit.


We’re looking forward to the Saucony City Guide and reading about the new hotspots and secret tips that will help us lead a more active lifestyle in these large German-speaking cities. Thank you, Saucony, for the invitation to the amazing event, the interesting insights into the project and the new extremely cool shoe models. We’ll soon tell you more about the new Saucony shoes and the Run Your World City Guide.