What is it that makes running training so appealing? Warm temperatures? Challenging routes? The non-alcoholic beer afterwards? All this might contribute to it, but doesn’t it feel great to train with effective footwear? And I say effective because it has to be the right shoes for your feet. This is why I’d like to share with you my experiences with the Saucony Freedom ISO.

Saucony Freedom ISO: a competition shoe

The Saucony Freedom ISO comes in a dynamic blue-black design. This doesn’t make them faster, of course, but it does motivate me to slip into the running shoe straight away and give it a try. ‘Fast’ is a keyword here. The Saucony shoe is super light and, thanks to its responsive Everrun midsole, it’s free from heavy cushioning. During the test run, I barely felt I had the shoes on. The lightness and low cushioning of the Saucony Freedom ISO immediately gets me into a competitive mood. Saucony Freedom ISO Laufschuh During training runs, I usually look at the overall behaviour of the running shoe I’m wearing. This isn’t usually the case during a running event, where the most important things I’m watching out for are the lightness of the shoe and the speed and efficiency with which I can reach the finish line. That’s why I’d say the Saucony Freedom ISO is more suited to short, fast runs or interval runs during a training session. Having a low offset of just 4 mm can make your feet feel tired over longer runs (i.e. 15k +). It can also be the case that, like me right now, you’ll feel your Achilles tendon pulling, and it’s not a good idea to push this too far if you can avoid it.

Saucony Freedom ISO: great fit & construction

The way the material has been worked on this Saucony shoe enables a smooth and light running experience. Thanks to Saucony’s specially designed ENGINEERED Mesh upper, the running shoe adapts perfectly to the shape of my foot and doesn’t rub around the heel area, even after wearing the shoe over longer distances. This shoe stays in good enough condition to train in for a long period of time, so I don’t have to find a new pair of shoes every two months like I used to do. Saucony Freedom ISO Laufschuh

Summing up my thoughts on the Saucony Freedom ISO

I’ve been using the Saucony running shoe for two training days out of my weekly seven. The Saucony Freedom ISO is great for interval sessions and it fulfils its function as a light, dynamic running shoe. The rest of my training days I alternate between different shoes to give my feet more flexibility and challenge myself to train in varying footwear. This keeps my feet in good condition and stops them “getting used to” a single pair of running shoes over the coming months. I’m absolutely convinced that the Saucony Freedom ISO has made me one or two seconds faster during official runs. I’ve never really had any contact with Saucony before, but now I’m sure that the Freedom ISO running shoe will be staying with me to advance my running career.