Do you prefer to stay away from the crowds, find your own trail and explore the backcountry? Then the new Salomon OUT PATH GTX® is the perfect companion for you! The Salomon OUTpath is available in a low-cut version and also in a high-cut version, called the OUTpath Pro. We have both models in our selection and would like to briefly introduce you to them: The Salomon OUTpath GTX® impresses with its extremely light weight. At just 330 grams, it’s one of the lightest shoes in its category and it makes hiking a leisurely experience, so you’ll walk further in less time. lowcut_men The material that makes up the shoe is very hardwearing mesh with a seamless construction, making this piece of footwear a robust and long-lasting partner for your hiking trips. A toe cap and heel cap are integrated into the shoe, providing protection where you need it most. GORE-TEX® material shields you from moisture - both inside the shoe and out. _U8A7800 The Salomon OUTpath Pro GTX® impresses with its higher shaft. This protective sleeve stops stones and gravel getting inside the shoe and offers you ankles additional support. This highly reactive shoe comes with the same functions as the low-cut OUTpath model and is also impressively low in weight, at just 390 grams - meaning that you enjoy lightness without missing out on functionality. highcut-men So, when’s your next hiking adventure? Are you planning on taking Salomon’s new outdoor shoe with you? Check out the Salomon OUTpath GTX® models in our online shop.