Some time ago, we introduced you to our partner The North Face’s two technologies ThermoBall and DryVent. It’s time you learnt more, so we’re going to explain everything you need to know about two new outdoor technologies: Salewa Powertex Cordura and Salewa Polarlite.

What is Salewa Powertex Cordura? How does this technology enhance Salewa’s outdoor equipment? In what outdoor jackets and pants does Salewa Powertex Cordura feature? And the same for Salewa Polarlite: what is it? What does it do? How is it used? Read on to find out! Salewa-Hike

Salewa Powertex Cordura

The first Salewa technology that we’re going to talk about is called Powertex Cordura, and it’s actually two technologies combined into one: Powertex and Cordura. Salewa-Powertex-Cordura-1024x435

The technology

Put simply, Powertex is Salewa’s version of the famous Gore-Tex membrane. Powertex is a fine layer of polyurethane. Like Gore-Tex, it has properties that are in high demand for outdoor materials: waterproofing, windproofing and high breathability.

Thanks to these features, moisture from the inside of the material is drawn outwards to keep you dry during tough activities. But moisture from the outside of the material has no way of getting through the membrane. Salewa has four kinds of Powertex:
Powertex Performance consists of 2 - 2.5 layers and it’s made for low-effort activities.
Powertex Extreme is even more waterproof and comes in a 3-layer format. It’s perfect for outdoor activities of medium intensity. Salewa-Trekking Powertex Ultimate is the category with the strongest protection against water and the best breathability overall. It’s also more stretchy than the previous two varieties, which means that it’s ideal for high-intensity mountain adventures/

The fourth version is Powertex Cordura, the one we’re interested in today. Cordura is a nylon fabric developed in Switzerland that’s made by cutting nylon fibres, spinning them a second time and weaving them together again. This process makes the fabric stronger, lighter and harder to break than conventional nylon, and it’s the main reason why it’s often used in the production of protective clothing.

By combining it with weatherproof Powertex, Salewa has succeeded in creating a new material: Powertex Cordura - perfect for ski tourers and climbers who need a very light and stretchy yet robust material. As another plus point, this material is completely free of non-eco-friendly PFC. We’re very impressed with it, aren’t you? Salewa-Speed-Hiking

The products

The first piece of Salewa trekking equipment we want to introduce you to is the Salewa Antealo Cordura PTX 3-layer men’s pants. They were specially made for ski touring and advanced trekking. As the name suggests, they’re made of triple-layer Powertex Cordura, so they’re extremely robust and hardwearing. The elastane percentage offers you the freedom of movement you need for ski touring. On the whole, these Salewa trekking pants are functional and high tech.

There are other garments by the brand that use the technologies Powertex and Cordura separately. The Salewa Puez Aqua 3 Powertex men’s jacket, for example, comes with Salewa’s Gore-Tex-like membrane, which makes the hardshell jacket all of the properties we mentioned above: it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Puez Aqua 3 is a fantastic raincoat.

The Salewa Agner Cordura PL men’s Powerstretch jacket isn’t equipped with Powertex but does boast amazing Cordura material. This garment was specially designed for alpine climbing and for long trekking trips. It’s made of robust Cordura on the outside and soft fleece on the inside. The athletic cut rounds off the look.

Salewa Polarlite

Salewa Powertex technology provides excellent protection against the wind and the rain. Now you need something to keep you warm. Polarlite technology is versatile and is used in many jackets and other garments. Read on to find out what Salewa Polarlite is and what products it’s used in. Salewa-Polarlite-1024x435

The technology

Put simply once again, Polarlite is a synthetic kind of fleece developed by Salewa. Fleece has been a very popular material for a long time, especially among hikers and trekkers - it keeps your body warm and wicks moisture away from the skin, avoiding dramatic cooling during easier stretches of the route.

Polarlite is made of synthetic microfibres. The fleece-like material exhibits great insulating qualities, and it’s also light and quick to dry. The microfibres mean that the material also has a small packing volume and will fit in any hiking rucksack.

Similar to Powertex technology, there are different categories of Polarlite technology. Choose the right category to suit where you’re hiking or trekking, how high you’re going and the expected weather conditions. Salewa-Outdoor-Hiking What makes this technology special is that, in jackets, pants and other garments, it’s applied using the body-mapping principle. This means that it’ll provide the most warmth to the parts of the body that lose the most heat.

To understand just how versatile Salewa Polarlite is, you just have to look at the wide range of uses it has. Salewa integrates Polarlite into jackets, the lining of hardshell jackets and baselayers, but it can also be worn directly against the skin. Insulating, lightweight, hardwearing, soft, easy to clean, compact, easy to store - perfect, isn’t it?

The products

As the examples we used for Powertex Cordura products were both for men, we’re now going to show you how Salewa Polarlite is used in women’s clothes. The Salewa Puez 3 PL Hoody Powerstretch women’s jacket is made of 4-way stretch Polarlite fleece, which makes the women’s jacket soft, warm and motion-friendly. We’re particularly impressed with the all-round comfort the jacket offers. Salewa-Outdoor-Technologie In some cases, Salewa Polarlite is used in conjunction with Cordura fabric, an example of this being the Salewa Pedroc Winter PL women’s tights. The Pedroc tights are ideal for speed hiking and other sporty mountain activities. The leggings are made of soft yet robust, brushed, knitted Polarlite Cordura fleece. Stretchy, comfortable, robust and warm - what more could you want?

Our last Polarlite example is the Salewa Fanes Hybrid PL/PTX women’s jacket. The name already suggests that this is a combination (i.e. “Hybrid”), of Polarlite (“PL”) and Powertex (“PTX”). The Fanes jacket is made of comfortable knitted fleece and has a Powertex panel around the shoulder area to shield you from the wind and the bad weather, making this jacket ideal for cooler temperatures.


There is, of course, Polarlite equipment for men out there, just like there are Powertex jackets and pants available for women. What do you think of the technologies? How do you like Salewa’s wide selection of clothes, which ranges from raincoats to ski touring pants? Bring on the winter. Bring on the next mountain adventure. ;-)