Snow-capped mountains, a clear blue sky, beaming sunshine… skiing is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in winter, but if you don’t want your blissful day to end in catastrophe, you need to take a few safety precautions before hitting the slopes.

Apart from using quality, reliable equipment, you should follow the 10 golden safety rules set out by the International Ski Federation (a.k.a. FIS). Being considerate towards other users of the pistes is absolutely essential for a safe day in the snow. Sicherheit beim Skifahren Giro Skihelm MIPS Vivid Article Skibrille Ski Winter Österreich

Safe skiing - the right equipment

Wearing a ski helmet is a must, just like using ski poles and gloves. In Austrian and Italian ski regions, it’s now actually obligatory for all under-14s to wear ski helmets. But you don’t have to be a child or an inexperienced skier to benefit from wearing a helmet - they’re much more than just a safety device, they can help keep your head cool and even round off your outfit.

I’ve been skiing since I was 3 years old, and I’ve always worn a helmet. For me, the most important thing is the fit - the helmet shouldn’t press anywhere but it also shouldn’t loose enough to wobble around.

There are a few things to watch out for when buying a ski helmet. It’s best to buy your ski goggles at the same time as your helmet or even find goggles purpose-made to match your helmet. The helmet should neither press nor wobble about. You can find the right helmet size by using a measuring tape or some string. Sicherheit beim Skifahren Piste Skihelm Giro MIPS Skibrille Vivid Ski Winter Tipps Measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and the tips of your ears.

Make sure you can hear clearly through the lining of the helmet. If there is visible damage on a helmet after an accident, make sure you replace the helmet before you next go skiing. A damaged helmet most likely won’t provide 100% protection.

Visors are usually fixed onto a helmet, they’re a great alternative to ski goggles for people who wear glasses, as goggles rarely accommodate glasses underneath. Check the range of vision of your visor and make sure it doesn’t fog up quickly.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether you go for a visor or ski goggles. My eyes are very sensitive to the wind and to light, so for me, it’s essential to have ski goggles that fit perfectly to keep the wind out! Sicherheit beim Skifahren Winter Ski Piste Österreich GIRO MIPS Skihelm Article Skibrille Vivid

Testing Giro’s Jackson ski helmet

I tried out the Jackson helmet by Giro and was really impressed not only with how it looked but also with its superior quality! The helmet is ultra-lightweight, so it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s also equipped with the new Passive Aggressive Venting System, which guarantees excellent ventilation and temperature regulation around your head.

For me, the highlight of this helmet is its new MIPS technology (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). This system consists of three components that work together to provide the skier with even better protection during a fall. The three parts that make up the helmet move independently to reduce impact forces on the head.

The helmet also comes with an adjustment system that allows you to adjust the fit to suit your specific needs. Sicherheit beim Skifahren Ski Piste Skihelm Giro MIPS Jackson Skibrille

Testing Giro’s Article ski goggles

Ski goggles are something I, personally, really need for skiing. They’re the best solution for shielding me from the sun, the wind and the cold. When choosing ski goggles, the most important things to watch out for are how they sit on your face and whether they’re compatible with your helmet or not.

The goggles shouldn’t let any air in and they shouldn’t fog up quickly, otherwise, you won’t be able to see and you’ll forever be wiping your lens. Giro’s Article goggles ticked both of these boxes and are also perfectly compatible with Giro helmets.

The mirrored glass makes these goggles extremely stylish. Giro’s VIVID lens was created in collaboration with optics company ZEISS. The result? Perfect contrast in all light and weather conditions. On top of that, these goggles are equipped with anti-fog coating and comfortable foam padding that guarantees a perfect fit.

The goggles are delivered with 2 different lenses. The first lens is particularly useful on sunny days, as it reduces glare and offers UV protection. The second lens is more suited to low-visibility conditions like fog. It’s easy to switch between lenses, so you can adapt your vision to suit the conditions you’re in - almost like getting two pairs of goggles instead of one! Sicherheit beim Skifahren Skibrille Vivid Article Piste Österreich Ski Giro

Final thoughts

The Giro Jackson helmet and the Article goggles with VIVID lenses offer top security, comfort and style in the snow.

Reliable, compatible equipment is of the essence when it comes to enjoying the slopes safely, but don’t forget that understanding your limits and being aware of those around you is equally as important.

Enough talk about safety - go out and enjoy the snow! Sicherheit beim Skifahren Ski Piste Österreich Giro MIPS Skihelm Jackson Skibrille VIVID Article