“Run wherever and whenever you want - just do it!” - this is what makes running so cool. You can do it everywhere, you don’t need a membership, you’re not dependent on anyone else and it’s all for free. For CEP, running is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. Only you can decide how often, where and for how long you go running. Therefore, it requires a lot of self-discipline to run regularly. There is one thing that running does have in common with other kinds of sport: the right equipment. Regierungsviertel 1 If you run out in the open, you need to dress appropriately for every season if you want optimal protection. In autumn and winter, the rain and the cold can become dangerous. When you run, you sweat - ideally, your clothing should draw the perspiration away from the skin. It should also support your natural movement cycles. This is precisely what makes our partner CEP’s clothing stand out from the crowd. We’d like to take a closer look at the CEP Nighttech socks, which are perfect for the current season. How come? After finishing work, it’s not long until it gets dark outside. When we put the clocks back, it might already be dark when you pack up to head home. The CEP Nighttech socks are equipped with highly reflective elements so you won’t be overlooked when you run in the dark - no matter where you go. The socks also impress with tried-and-tested medi compression, which reduces fatigue in your feet and legs. “Run wherever and whenever you want - just do it!” - with the CEP Nighttech socks, you can! What kind of runner are you? Do you stay motivated even when the dark nights draw in?