"Oh, running doesn’t suit me..." is what I often hear when I get into conversation with people. This statement, with great respect, I do not accept. Those who do say this create a certain negative image in my head. If you think of any running tests that come to mind, you are probably gasping for breath or completely worn out when stood in the forest after a few minutes. Many who are in the mindset of "a sprinter" or those who think that they cannot move more than two minutes at a time are "completely missing the point". But the fact is: Running can be anything you want it to be and it is only dependent on the pace and the length. It is important not to overwhelm yourself and gradually increase the pace and length over time. For beginner runners in their first weeks it is recommended that they alternate between running and walking. The beginning is so simple: Run for a minute then walk for a minute in exchange. Do this 10 times each and that takes the run up to 20 minutes. Anyone can do that! Our body can get used to the variation in stress. With this changing principle - running and walking alternately, it is easily possible for you to run 30 minutes in a few weeks.   It is like learning in all aspects of life, it all depends on the dosage and running has the same principles.Selecta cautious, slow build-up and find your spiritualbalance. Running reducesstress allowing strength and peace toexist in otherareas of life.For merunning isa greatquality of life.  

My Running Tip #1:

It's not being completely brokenafter eachrunning session butfeeling comfortable within yourself.
  You can use the following workout plan to get started. With this you'll see fairly quickly how easy running actually is. Have fun! I'd love to hear your comment (use the form below) regarding your running experience. Training plan for running beginnings Also part of this series:  

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