Many know this problem in winter: how do you best start a workout in cold temperatures? In this post, our Keller Sports Pros Isa and Laura tells us how they go about it during the cold season.

Foto 28.11.15, 11 01 03 “When we leave the house in the mornings during the week, it’s dark outside, as it is when we come back home, unfortunately. During this season it’s very difficult to find the motivation to move and go for a run. For those of you who manage to do this, we have gathered some tips today on what to watch out for during a winter run. In January, the temperatures can easily drop below -10 C, but it’s no reason for us not to go running - the key word here is “layering”. Laura often has cold legs, so as well as wearing her normal running pants, she puts on a pair of long, breathable ski baselayer pants too. The layered look also works for the top: a short-sleeved t-shirt and (depending on the temperature) one or two long-sleeved layers on top. Breathable fabric draws perspiration away from the skin, so the body stays nice and warm. For the outermost layer we recommend a windproof jacket. In this recent test report, Isabell tried out the Response Wind women’s jacket together with the Climaheat women’s running pants from adidas, and was very impressed with both garments. For practical reasons, many running jackets have larger zipped pockets that also accommodate smartphones. Headwear is also very important in cold weather, as much of the body’s warmth is lost from the head. We prefer to wear wide headbands that we can pull over the forehead it need be. We recommend beanies and hats more for men, as women often have their hair in a ponytail and wearing a hat on top can cause uncomfortable pressure. An essential accessory for Laura is gloves - if she doesn’t wear them, her hands cool down too much because of the cold and the oncoming wind. During the week, many of us run in the dark, so wearing clothes with reflective surfaces or elements is advisable if you run in the early hours of the morning or in the evening; this is because, if you cross the road, drivers will see you better. If you wear a head torch or lamp, being overlooked is nearly impossible. We hope our tips help you get through this cold, dark season and help you pull some motivation together. Check out our blog if you need some more encouragement.” Don’t let the temperatures stop you - kit yourself out with the right products from our Keller Sports online shop.