Who does not know this situation: Outside it is cold and wet and the motivation to go running is suddenly swallowed by the earth. Especially ondays when it is pouring with rainagain

This is not really a reason for despair, because as the saying goes: "There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing"!

Especially beginner runners often fail to make their running training in the pouring and prefer to spend the evening on the couch instead. This has a negative impact on the training in the long term, however, because for every runner who trained for a specific goal, also trained on the days when it rained or was stormy, because even these are important preparation days. Only constant training leads to success.

All those runners who want to keep fit (or get fit) in the fall or winter by running, you should remember a few important things:

► The right dress and an appropriate pair of shoes are essential for training in bad weather to prevent both an illness and an injury (the danger of slipping for example, is greater than in dry weather)!
► A positive attitude and motivation to work makes the training easier - for example, music can help!
► Awarm up before exercise and training also reduces the "health risk" as a body that is ready for exercise, is less susceptible to injury. 10-15minutes "running" at a slow tempo and even simple stretching exercises can help increase the blood circulation around the body.

The right running clothes for bad weather

As I said, running in bad weather depends a lot on having the appropriate clothing.

Wearing clothes that are warmer than necessary as a precaution is not always a good thing, the best option is to go for the layers approach and wear several thinner layers of functional clothing. The thinner the better, because the movement is not restricted and the body is better insulated.

The combination of a functional long-sleeve top and a water- and wind-resistant running jacket or Soft Shell jacket is a combination that is highly appreciated by many runners.

If the weather changes during your run then this is a perfect choice. We recommend for those days, functional clothing made ​​from Gore-Tex, because this material is both water-repellent and windproof, but also breathable. The sweat on your skin is absorbed faster and thereby transported to the outside.

Our legs are also sensitive to the temperature, so it doesn’t always have to be a long pair of running pants, but often  ¾ Tights or even shorts are enough. Only if it's really raining hard are long tights recommended.

Extremely important however, is our head because we lose the most heat through here. Therefore we should only run with headgear in bad weather!

Appropriate running shoes for rainy days

Apart from correct clothing, the choice of running shoes plays an important role when you go running in the rain.  Generally recommended are trail running shoes, as a water repellent outer material is used and not the usual mesh upper material for running shoes.

In addition, these shoes have far better gripping soles, designed for a better grip on wet and muddy trails.

With the right preparation in terms of shoes and clothing, almost nothing can go wrong. As I said: There is no bad weather;-)