Our Keller Sports Pros Laura Trinkl and Isa Groß have tested the suitability of two outfits (one from Nike and one from adidas) for winter runs.

Laura tried out the Nike Therma Sphere Element Longsleeve top (green) in size S. “It does what it says on the tin - this running top keeps you nice and warm. I wore the t-shirt in -7 C with a thin running jacket over the top. Right from the beginning, the top was really warm and I didn’t really need the running jacket at all, not even at that temperature. The top has a warming inner lining that looks like little studs. This stops you getting cold while you run. Another plus point is the little zipped side pocket, in which you can easily store keys or money. Apart from that, the top has thumb holes at the cuffs, as well as a thin fabric that can be pulled over the entire hand like a mitten. This means you no longer need gloves in cold temperatures. I wore size S and it fit perfectly. The top comes in standard sizing and can be combined with a short top underneath.”

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To combine with this top there are the Nike Shield Tight running pants, which Laura tried in size S and described as follows: “To go with the running top, I tried out the Nike Shield Tight running pants, which kept my legs warm. I decided on a thicker pair of pants on purpose, because otherwise my legs get cold in winter. The pants sit very comfortably and have an additional thin layer around the thighs to protect you against the wind and the cold. The inner lining feels soft, and the thermal-style material kept my legs nice and warm. For keys or money, there is a small zipped side pocket. The waistband is relatively low, but for my taste it would have been nice to have it sit a little higher. A highlight is that the pants have reflective elements that make it easier for you to be seen in the dark by drivers. Foto 27.01.17, 15 45 15 (1)

Isa opted for the adidas Response Wind women’s jacket (orange) in size S.

“Many people wear too many clothes in winter and soon start to sweat, even after one or two kilometres. It’s no surprise really if you wear a short-sleeved baselayer, a long-sleeved baselayer, a t-shirt, a long-sleeved top and then a fleece jacket to top it off. For me, three layers are enough, so long as the outer layer is windproof. That is why I was so pleased to test this adidas jacket. Up to now, I have worn it in heavy rain (it was waterproof up to a certain point, but then the rain got too heavy for the jacket), during a workout in around 8 C (I was wearing a ski baselayer then) and on a longer run of over 15 kilometres in 2 to 5 C. During that run I was only wearing a t-shirt underneath the jacket and, I must say, it was the best thing I could have done. As the name of the jacket promises, this garment protects you from the wind, and it uses Climalite fabric to draw perspiration away from the skin. Thanks to this, in cold temperatures it didn’t freeze and neither did I feel like I was “cooking in my own sauce”, so to speak. The jacket offers a close fit and really does follow your every move. Thanks to the bright colour and the reflective details, like the logo on the chest and the stripes on the sleeves, with this jacket you stand out in winter, and especially in the weather we’re having now. Another highlight: the zipped right pocket looks like it was made for an iPhone - it fits perfectly!” Foto 04.02.17, 10 28 15

Here is the review of the matching adidas Climaheat women’s running pants (grey) in size S:

“The temperatures have been below 0 for weeks, and I only really have one pair of warm running pants. That is why I chose these pants to go with the jacket. The silly thing is that the DHL delivery man left the parcel at my neighbour’s house and I only got to wear the running pants once the snow had been cleared in Munich. I could only wear the pants once, but from that single experience I’m sure this garment will be ideal for the coming winter. The front thigh area of the pants is made of two layers, which insulate warmth and shield you from the cold. On the inside, the material is soft and very warm, while the outer material is windproof. The back of the thighs and the lower legs are kept warm by a single layer of fabric - the inside of it is soft, and the surface material is a little firmer than that at the front of the thighs. What I found really cool is that on the thighs there are little reflectors that light up when light is shone on them. As well as this, the waistband offers a little pocket for keys, but unfortunately nothing else fits in there, maybe a few coins. You can store your phone in a pocket in your jacket (see above).” Both the adidas jacket and pants, and the Nike jacket and pants can be bought at the Keller Sports online shop, as well as many other nike and adidas products.