Are still not going for regular runs? Our partner Odlo will show you why you should consider changing that and how to integrated running into your daily routine. Apart from that, we would like to introduce you to some of the latest products from this high-quality sports clothes manufacturer.

Running out in nature makes us happy and healthy. It is precisely when the clouds part and it gets a little warmer outside that we should seize the opportunity and do something good for our bodies. Running causes our bodies to release endorphins, which improves our mood. Joining a running group or going with a running partner will only increase the effects of the endorphins even more. Social contact during sports gives us more energy, works on our patience and can even improve our sense of humour. Apart from that, when we run we can empty our heads completely and leave the day’s stress behind.


As well as making us happy, running does our whole body some good. The heart becomes stronger, the bones become denser and blood circulation becomes more efficient. Running also speeds up the metabolism - this, combined with a balanced and control diet can lead us to shed one or two extra pounds before summer.

Conclusion: Running makes us happy and fit. Try it out sometime wearing functional, stylish clothes, like our new t-shirts, tank tops and shorts from Odlo to make you feel good all round. Even if you start small, you’ll soon notice your achievements and feel how grateful your body is for it.

Odlo’s latest running clothing is equipped with moisture-absorbing and quick-drying Dry-Fit material that guarantees comfort mile after mile. Click here if you don’t want to get hold of this brand’s latest products before they sell out.

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