Celebrate participation, team spirit in professional sports and fair contest with fellow competitors and rivals during races. These are the Diadora principles. The Greek words “dia dora” mean “sharing gifts and honours”.

You run often. It’s the perfect way to unwind after work. You put on your running shoes and can leave your stressful day and all of your thoughts behind. Running medium-distance routes in pretty much all weathers is part of your daily routine. You’re not the off-road kind and usually stick to streets and parks.

Does this sound anything like you? If so, Diadora running shoes are perfect for you and your needs. Both men and women will benefit from top comfort, optimum breathability and outstanding modern designs from sports shoes created for your active leisure time. blueshield_shoes-819x1024 Is leisurely running not enough for you? Do you need challenges that will push your boundaries? Do you want to become better, faster and more coordinated? If your aim is to run a half or full marathon, then having good running shoes is a great foundation for success.

If you’re the kind of runner who includes long- and short-distance routes and intervals in your training, sets goals and has a plan, then you’ll be glad to know that Diadora running shoes are not only for amateurs and daily training routines. This brand’s running shoes are made to help you improve your performance. With Diadora, you don’t have to restrain yourself or give up on big ambitions - Diadora shares your passion.

You can now find the latest women’s and men’s Diadora running shoes in our shop. The current Blueshield summer collection impresses with unique running shoe technology. The Diadora running shoes were designed for all runners in any weight class. There are three different models: Mythos Blueshield Elite, Mythos Blueshield Hip 3 W and Mythos Blueshield Fly Hip.

The women’s running shoes in the Blueshield series are specially designed for you and your needs as a woman. This means that you don’t need to make any compromises when it comes to finding the perfect running shoes for your next sports performance.

Diadora Blueshield technology

Diadora Blueshield technology impresses with a combination of cushioning and reactivity. Special wedges work together with the ergonomic morpho base to keep your foot firmly in place within the shoe. Zero-strain technology and the multi-cone nucleus provide reactivity and excellent balance, as well as dynamic cushioning during sports.

This technology will support the body’s balance during every gait phase. Apart from that, Blueshield technology also improved the already excellent breathability of the running shoe. Thanks to an Ortholite insole and a Nylon Air Mesh upper, you benefit from superb comfort.

In our selection you’ll find all three Diadora Blueshield running shoe models. The dynamic and modern design is a reflection of the shoes’ speed and energy. The different colours of the models also leave nothing to be desired.

But don’t take our word for it, test the performance of the latest Diadora running shoes for yourself. Be it for your daily training routine or a competition, you can rest assured that the shoes’ outstanding properties will not let you down.

With Diadora you’re not just getting good running shoes. You’re also creating your own unique running experience and consolidating your authenticity, your passion and your joy for sharing special running moments with others.

The brand Diadora

Diadora was founded in 1948 as a mountain shoe retailer. The label’s breakthrough came in the 60s when the company shifted its focus to the sports segment. Even back then, Diadora’s products were well known for being modern and of high quality, so the brand soon entered into the professional mountaineering market.

Diadora’s selection continued to grow and, with time, it came to cater for amateurs and professionals in every segment, including lifestyle. By bringing together professional athletes and experts in the most advanced fields of research, Diadora built a team that has pushed the brand forward and made it the renown name it is today.

A top quality blend of sports style and performance - that’s Diadora. Men_running_blueshield-1024x1024