Glasses protect your eyes while you cycle. Having good glasses is an essential for cycling at top speeds. If you want to ensure you’re protected and can see perfectly, you won’t do better than with our partner: Rudy Project. What makes this brand special? What’s so great about its bike glasses? We’re going to introduce you to the label, its technologies and its products in this post.

Rudy Project: a brief introduction

The brand Rudy Project has already been around for over 30 years. The company was founded in the Italian city of Treviso in 1985 by a man named Rudy Barbazza, who entered the sports market through his passion for motorsports. He created a blend of Italian design, functionality and quality, high-tech materials. Apart from sports glasses, Rudy Project has also been making helmets for quite some time - all to guarantee the best protection on your bike. Rudy-Project-Roadbike-1024x683

Rudy Project: technologies

You might be asking yourself how much technology can actually go into a pair of sports glasses, am I right? Well, quite a lot, really. These sports glasses are so much more than just a frame and two lenses. Since it was formed, Rudy Project has been offering the most modern technologies and absolute performance. We’re going to take a closer look at two of these technologies to give you an insight into the complexity of a pair of sports glasses.

Rudy Project Tralyx

Apart from protecting your eyes, it’s also essential that sports glasses are aerodynamic and comfortable. Rudy Project’s Tralyx technology is in charge of that. Tralyx is composed of three different elements: the PowerFlow system, the adaptive tops and ImpactX 2. The PowerFlow system in the frame of the glasses is a great solution for drawing excess warmth away from the head. While you cycle, cool wind is taken in and led through the glasses, pushing warm air away from the head. The Rudy Project PowerFlow system isn’t just good for balancing your temperature, the flow lines used to channel the cool air also ensure the bike glasses deliver maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The brand new System Adaptive Tips were launched in combination with Rudy Project’s Tralyx. The aim of the tops is clear: more comfort. The bendy steel core allows you to adjust the front part of the tips very easily to provide a completely personalised fit. Apart from that, the tips have been coated with a polymer, which will offer even more comfort when you wear the glasses under a helmet. Together with Tralyx technology and the fully adjustable Ergonose IX Design, Rudy Project’s glasses take comfort to the next level. Rudy-Project-Mountainbike-1024x683

Rudy Project ImpactX 2

Everyone knows this problem, cyclists, runners and drivers alike: if you’re wearing sunglasses, you can’t see a thing when you enter the shade, but with normal glasses you get blinded by the sunlight. When you’re cycling, especially at high speeds, you can’t keep swapping and changing glasses. This is exactly the problem that Rudy Project has tackled with ImpactX technology. This system involves photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to the light conditions. They turn darker in the sunlight and clearer in the shade. Rudy Project ImpactX Apart from the changing shade, ImpactX 2 lenses also come with HDR Filter technology, which intensifies contrasts and makes images significantly clearer. The HDR filter is extremely practical, above all, for sports in which light conditions change drastically, like mountain biking in the forest. As if that wasn’t enough, Rudy Project has taken the already amazing ImpactX, spent several years researching and improved the technology, launching the improved version as ImpactX 2. The improvements made to the lenses mean that these adjust to the light conditions up to 25% faster than before. By the way, the darkening or clearing of the lenses will work just as well behind a glass screen, i.e. the windshield when you’re driving your car. Apart from the great benefits of ImpactX 2 technology, the lenses are also made of very hardwearing materials, so they’re extremely robust. Every product by Rudy Project is designed to protect your eyes during sports and everyday life. Rudy-Project-Roadbike-City-1024x683

Rudy Project: glasses

As mentioned above, we now have some amazing Rudy Project glasses in our selection. In this post, we’re going to introduce you to three of them and talk you through their features and technologies. Find the right glasses for you, get on your bike and let the wind take you. Alternatively, enjoy perfect vision during any other kind of sports activity. The choice is yours!

Rudy Project Tralyx ImpactX2 Photochromic bike glasses

Keep an optimal perspective while practising your outdoor sports with the Rydon Photochromic glasses by Rudy Project. Stability, flexibility and durability are all guaranteed by the Grilamid® frame. The lens Quick Change system allows you to swap your lenses quickly and easily - Rudy Project offers outstanding solutions to all weathers and conditions. Rudy-Project-Tralyx-ImpX-Photochr-2-1024x683 The frontal ventilation holes that make up Tralyx technology steer the towards the temples, creating a stream of air that diffuses the heat build-up around the tips. The Tralyx glasses provide optimal ventilation and the perfect aerodynamic shape, so you can keep a cool head while you cycle. The hardwearing ImpactX 2 lenses deliver unparalleled visibility.

Rudy Project Rydon ImpactX 2 Photochromic bike glasses

Just like the Tralyx, the Rudy Project Rydon glasses can also be adjusted to fit the shape of your head. Thanks to the aforementioned Adaptive Tips, the fit of the glasses remains comfortable and personalised even under a helmet. The Rydon glasses don’t come with aerodynamic ventilation slits, but they’re still extremely functional. The lenses change to suit the light conditions, making the Rydon glasses ideal for your next bike trip, hike, trail run or any other outdoor hobby. Rudy Project Rydon

Rudy Project Sintryx bike glasses

Rudy Project’s Sintryx glasses are athletic, robust and aerodynamic but also perfect for everyday life. The Grilamid® frame is particularly sturdy, robust and flexible, all at the same time. The PowerFlow system allows air to flow past the head aerodynamically, cooling the skin as it passes. The super-light glasses, like all Rudy Project products, adjust beautifully to the shape of your head. With adjustable nose pads and temple tips, Tralyx technology ensures the Sintryx glasses are your go-to choice for support and comfort.