For this winter, our partner Rossignol has further developed one of its most successful technologies and used it in its new freeride and touring skis. Air Tip 2.0 technology is to be found in the ski tip and tail. The shovel consists of an air-filled lattice, making the ski not only featherlight but also perfectly structured for optimal torsional stiffness. The low weight at both ends of the ski means that the centre of gravity is more towards the centre of the ski. This results in perfect control right below your feet, as well as concentrated power and easy handling.

Air Tip 2.0 technology has been integrated into both new Rossignol models Soul 7 HD and Sky 7 HD. The Soul 7 HD is the most innovative, popular and high-spirited freeride ski in the world. Its design is focussed entirely on progressive freeride performance. The superlight Carbon Alloy Matrix, a mix of carbon fibres and basalt, provides drive, a low weight and excellent power transfer. The basalt also acts as a shock-absorber and offers stabilising properties. The Sky 7 HD, on the other hand, is the new ultimate touring ski but, thanks to the two technologies mentioned above, it also delivers an amazing freeride performance. We now have the new Rossignol skis in our selection - find them here.