The first look at Asics Gel-Fujisensor 2 says it all. It’s a stable running shoe that will be well suited for running off-road. The profiled outsole makes an abrasion-resistant impression and the entire shoe is visually convincing.

Just by picking up the shoe, I found it to be very stable, especially in the sole area. But now my legs are already restless, and the wild paths are waiting for the ultimate test. So let the running shoe meet the running track.

On-Road Trial: Dirt, Rain & High Speed

I suppose you may run briefly on the running track. Now Imagine rough, stony paths, downhill and uphill, it’s raining and the road is muddy. Other runners resign but trail runners rejoice and have fun!

The first drops of rain makes no difference to the Asics Gel Fujisensor 2 and the foot stays dry. On the first flat section, a lot of dirt accumulated in the outsole. However this style of sole does provide the shoe with a good grip on other slippery surfaces.

I could continue at a high speed and perform left turns without slipping and the shoe remained firmly on the ground. Shortly after I jumped over a tree trunk and slipped slightly but the outer material in the toe area gripped quite well. The pain was bearable.

Now I hit a rise, a lot of rocks and a small stream of water, which comes to meet me. It smacks under the soles of the shoes, but they rarely succumb to slipping. The rainwater has little chance to get into the inside of the shoe which is a good sign. But even if it has in this weather it almost doesn’t matter.

After a short section of pavement the shoe has released most of the dirt and the shoe is back to normal. Now a left and right turn and I am off downhill. Here, it is steep and it gets even steeper. Regardless of the terrain, the gel FujiSensor 2 can show what it can do. I feel safe and can give it more gas.

All of a sudden I come across a larger stone, I don’t see it soon enough and the left foot slips off a bit. Luckily, I think the stability of the shoe has kept my foot from experiencing something worse. Now a short hill, and then I will run a second circuit of this route.

My Impression of Asics Gel-Fujisensor 2

Asics Gel Fujisensor The initial fit of the shoe is pleasant, and it has enough space to offer. The space around the forefoot is not too narrow and yet I always feel that the Gel -Fuji sensor 2 really is secure and gives me enough support. The weight of the shoe, which is about 350 grams, takes some getting used to but on rough trails this gives the feeling of more security.

I ran with the shoe on different surfaces and found that running on the road with the high weight bothers me. However, when the shoe hits off road terrain the tide turns. A safe passage makes running on dusty paths into a real fun experience.

By this time I could not leave, even steeper paths that presented obstacles such as rocks and roots did not stop me. The outer sole gave me the necessary safety, even if individual stones were somewhat moist. This protection was achieved through the generous profile and the notches in the outer sole.

Running through the undergrowth can sometimes be a nuisance if the laces snag and untie themselves. This cannot happen with the FujiSenor 2 because they have a lace pocket which is really convenient.

In hot weather, my feet felt quite warm despite the breathability of the shoe, but this is probably a perception thing. However in colder temperatures my feet felt just right. The inner material of the trail shoe feels soft and it is still comfortable after several kilometers of running.

When running in continuous rain the water-repellent outer material makes the shoe feel fairly dry and not like a bathtub. Also, the outer material is rugged enough to handle the impact of roots and rocks which is just right for the trail.