The brand Reebok is the embodiment of power and strength. Reebok’s aim is to inspire you to be your best - physically, mentally and socially. Your life is full of unexpected hurdles, but Reebok will help you overcome them, set yourself new challenges and grow out of your limits. With Reebok, you’re ready for anything. Best of all? You can now buy all of this brand’s best products in our shop!

At Keller Sports you’ll find Reebok training clothes for ladies and gents, so you can work out at the gym, in the park or at a CrossFit session. Tough women can get kitted out with tights, shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, tops and sweatshirts for fitness workouts. You can also treat yourself to the latest and most advanced Reebok training shoes. You’ll make the most of the Reebok Yourflex Trainette 10 MT, for example, if you value variety and speed, as this shoe is equipped with a light and flexible outsole. With this sports shoe by your side, your workout has no limits.

Versatility, mobility and high-intensity training are a must for the Reebok Sprint TR. This shoe was designed for maximum speed and multi-directional movements, so it helps you give your all during sports.


Strong men who enjoy CrossFit and training can also benefit from Reebok. Sports shorts and t-shirts pair up nicely with the best Reebok shoes for a training session in which you really do give it your all. No other shoe is better suited to a WOD than the new Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0. This CrossFit shoe was specially designed to help you push your physical boundaries. You can expect additional durability in the toe area, more freedom of movement on the whole and a hardwearing rubber outsole. Three-time Reebok CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion Adrian Conway is absolutely convinced that this is the best shoe for his favourite sport. His greatest praise goes to the CrossFit shoe’s great flexibility, which enables the footwear to adapt to the foot during every move. Jumps, lunges, fast directional changes, you name it! The Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 will respond to it. This shoe helps athletes give their best performance every time. Conway doesn’t just love this shoe for sports but for his leisure time too. Buy the latest Reebok CrossFit Nano now and put your limits to the test.

What shoes you wear can play an important role in your CrossFit and training performance, but you’ll only give it your best shot if you feel great all over. In our selection there are many Reebok new arrivals just waiting to be discovered and used during your next workout. Feel amazing in your sports outfit, enjoy the best functions and become a better version of yourself. Reebok will help you reach your limits and overcome them.


With Reebok, you won’t have to compromise during sports. The brand’s aim is to inspire you to get stronger and live bolder. This is what the fitness brand stands for.

Reebok makes the difference

Reebok challenges you to get stronger and lead an active lifestyle. The brand believes that a fitter lifestyle leads to better quality of life, and want to empower you to make the necessary changes. Reebok’s positive influence is what makes it stand out from the crowd, enabling it to make a difference.

Reebok encourages close bonds

We’re stronger together”. With this motto, Reebok promotes sharing your passion with others and keeping each other motivated. In a group, you can overcome your boundaries and your fears. You’ll achieve what you would never have dreamed of alone. You’re the best you can be when you challenge yourself as part of a group - not just in sports but in life as a whole.

Reebok widens your horizon

You don’t have to wait to be at the gym, in the Box or at home to give your all. Fitness is everywhere you are. The world offers you ample opportunities, and Reebok helps you think outside the box. The fitness brand encourages creativity and close bonds with nature. There really are no limits. Grow yourself and your horizons, discover new places and watch the world become your gym.

Reebok promotes valuing your body

You only have one life, and you’re the only one responsible for it. Learn to value your body and make the most of it. Your body is a reflection of your mind. Reebok believes that strength is the key to fulfilling your potential. Strength transforms your body and your inner values.


Reebok want to help you, inspire you and influence your life in a positive way. Become stronger, overcome your boundaries and discover a new side to you. With Reebok, you can become the best you - physically, mentally and socially. Make a start with a CrossFit outfit by Reebok.