A few professional tips from Derrick Rose have already been mentioned in this post. Now we would like to highlight the importance of recovering and stretching for exceptional athletes like Derrick Rose. We also have some EXOS expert tips for you.

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“Recovery phases are just as important as the actual training, maybe even more important still”, says Derrick Rose. Both during the season, when he takes part in 82 or so games, and after the season, it is important for him that his body recovers quickly. This is why he stretches often. “When I first started at the NBA I never did stretching exercises”, explains Rose, “At some point I realised how important is actually is, though. Since then I do more stretching exercises than people think, even late at night”. Apart from that, he also takes care of his diet, which has a very positive effect on his physique and his training.


He does stretching exercises at the end of every training session and game, incorporating them into a continuous cycle of preparation, performance and recovery. “Only when the cycle is complete can I really give my all”, says Derrick Rose. To ensure his body is always in top condition, he always tries to recover as well as possible when he is not playing a game or training.


Now, we have a few tips from the pros at EXOS on how to optimise your training. Think like an athlete They are the experts. Make the most of what you know and find out what suits you and your training. Prepare for next time After a workout is before a workout. Always prepare for the next training session, game or match. Turn recovery into a habit Regular recovery rituals after your training help your body stock up on energy and recover faster. It is very important to take a holistic approach by focusing on muscles, tendons and nerves in turn, for example, by massaging and stretching your body. Get energy from food A protein-rich meal or protein shake after your workout will speed up muscle recovery. Your body needs nutrients if it is to deliver optimal performance.


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