PYUA is no conventional outdoor brand - it has been involved in environmental protection for a long time. This is clearly reflected in the brand’s quality outdoor clothing, which is made of up to 100% recycled materials. We’d like to talk to you about the brand PYUA, its mission to protect nature and its new collection.

PYUA - the story of the outdoor brand from Kiel, Germany

PYUA became a start-up in Kiel in 2008. The company’s mission for these last ten years has been to manufacture sustainable specialist functional clothing. This vision seemed unrealistic to begin with, but the company has had many successes and progressed in leaps and bounds. Just one year after being founded, PYUA had already won the renown ISPO award for new brands.

That same year, PYUA became the first outdoor lifestyle brand to sign a collaboration contract with a textile recycling company. With the help of recycling company WENKHAUS, PYUA develops products made from recycled fabrics. As if that weren’t enough, the outdoor products themselves are also fully recyclable, which results in a closed loop.
PYUA has won the ISPO Eco Responsibility Award for Outstanding Innovation in 2010, 2011 and 2012. 2012 was also the year when the brand developed CLIMALOOP technology, an eco-friendly laminate that’s similar to Gore-Tex in that it’s 100% wind- and waterproof but also 100% breathable.

Four years and several awards later, PYUA’s 2016 innovation was launching products that, for the first time, were designed for use all year round. This won the Kiel-based outdoor brand two ISPO awards that year.

Through its engagement in environmental preservation, PYUA has collected several valuable testimonials about its outdoor and ski clothing. Among these testimonials is praise from 1998 Olympic snowboard champion Nicola Thost and former world-class skiers Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther.

“We feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that even our grandchildren will be able to enjoy our wonderful nature”, say Mittermaier and Neureuther when asked why they support PYUA.
PYUA Outdoor Bekleidung

PYUA and environmental protection

The origins of the name PYUA are Asian, and the word means “pure”. This alone tells you the focus of this outdoor brand: environmental protection and sustainability. Proof that these aren’t just empty words can be seen in different areas of the PYUA production chain. Recycling, for example, plays a very important role.

At PYUA, the entire manufacturing process of outdoor clothing is a closed loop. Clothing articles are manufactured, worn, collected from clothes bins, transported and recycled. The recycled textiles are then processed into new clothes, beginning the cycle again.

Supporting PYUA’s recycling loop is the brand’s attitude toward sustainability. The individual elements that make up a piece of clothing, i.e. the outside material, the membrane and the lining, are all processed separately both in the production process and during recycling to keep the material pure.
PYUA Outdoor Clothing
Through this careful and sustainable approach to production, PYUA has succeeded in drastically reducing the number of environmentally-harmful production steps, which is much lower than other brands. In figures, this means that the outdoor brand saves 83% of energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 77% during manufacturing.

The resulting outdoor clothing has 0% waste or crude oil and is 100% sustainable. It’s for this reason that PYUA has earned the Leadership Status at the Fair Wear Foundation, the highest possible status for member brands.

There are also less obvious ways in which PYUA implements its environmental and social responsibilities. One of these is the fact that all of the company’s factories are in Europe. This means that the finished products travel a much shorter distance to the consumer than is the case with other brands.

Apart from that, the transport method used is the train, which is much more eco-friendly than aeroplanes. Another example of how PYUA helps others is that all wearable clothes patterns are donated to local homeless shelters.

PYUA Outdoor at Keller Sports

We’ve been offering you PYUA’s outdoor collection alongside the label’s ski jackets and ski pants for some time now. Two examples of excellent pieces of clothing we have on offer are the men’s PYUA Snug-Y 2.0 Insulated Hooded fleece jacket and the women’s PYUA Float 2.0 softshell jacket. In our shop you can also find amazing PYUA pants, t-shirts and tops.

PYUA Snug-Y 2.0 Insulated Hooded men’s fleece jacket

We were impressed with the athletic PYUA Snug-Y 2.0 men’s fleece jacket right away. The slim cut, chic blue design and outstanding features all contribute to making this a great garment. The Snug men’s jacket is made of 100% recycled polyester equipped with so-called Moisture Management technology.
PYUA Snug-Y 2.0 Insulated Hooded Herren Fleece-Jacke The combination of waterproof and water-wicking fibres ensures the Snug men’s jacket stays dry from the inside out. Moisture on the inside of the jacket is quickly drawn away from the body to the outside layer of fabric, which also keeps out the rain.

The thin padding around the torso area provides additional warmth - perfect in the mountains, where the weather can turn suddenly. Find out for yourself how good the PYUA Snug-Y 2.0 men’s fleece jacket is! You have two colour models to choose from: blue and dark grey.

PYUA Float 2.0 women’s softshell jacket

The Snug-Y jacket’s female counterpart is the women’s PYUA Float 2.0 softshell jacket. Just like the Snug men’s model, the women’s jacket boasts an athletic design, a beautiful cut and outstanding technologies. Made of 100% recycled polyester, this garment is also equipped with CLIMALOOP technology.
PYUA Float 2.0 Damen Softshell-Jacke The most important feature of the PYUA Float 2.0 women’s softshell jacket, however, is its perfectly complementary materials - these make the softshell completely windproof, particularly breathable and also very comfortable. An FC-free coating will shield you from outside moisture like rain.

The reflective details make you more visible in low-light conditions, so you can practise your sport at any time of the day. What we loved about this jacket is that it was made without using any chemicals. Like all PYUA products, this jacket is 100% sustainable.