Body building isn’t typically female. But what about we call it body shaping? It’s often the fear of huge muscles or losing their curves which deters women from strength training, or specifically training with heavy weights. This train of thought is completely unfounded. We’ll explain why women won’t end up with huge muscles and what advantages weight training offers women.  

Why women will still look feminine in spite of strength training

There are three reasons why women should be worried about developing a masculine body with weight training:
  1. Women produce less testosterone and therefore develop much smaller muscles than men. Anyone who omitts additives will definitely keep their womanly curves.
  2. Women’s muscles are much smaller than those of men (up to 45%)
  3. Women have been proven to have less muscle mass than men.

What advantages does strength training offer to women?

  • Faster metabolism and body fat reduction – even on rest days!
  • Improved posture (and altogether more self confidence)
  • Tightens the skin and tones your curves – wave goodbye to your bingo wings and cellulite ;-)
  • Maintain and build muscle
  • Higher performance (not just physically!)

Training possibilities for women

Fitnesstraining mit Kettlebells Another reason why women frequently abstain from weight training is the predominantly male clientele in gyms, particularly in the free weight area. Woman tend to take part in more classes or stay in the cardio area. A solution for this problem is women only gyms, where they might not feel quite so observed, or training without machines, that can also be done at home. Small equipment such as ankle weights and kettle bells are also great as a training supplement. What remains to be said? Anything is better than not training! Start your workout today! ;-)