We recently introduced you to the PUMA x Selena Gomez women’s outfit. Now, the brand has launched another collection featuring a famous person, but this time, for men. Puma has joined forces with four-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton to present the new 24/7 fitness collection. Let’s look at the training outfit in a little more detail.

PUMA x Lewis Hamilton Mantra Fusefit training shoes

The PUMA Mantra Fusefit training shoe is the centrepiece of the Lewis Hamilton collection. The shoe was developed for top performance during your training and impresses with several outstanding features.

The outsole was designed to deliver perfect traction in all directions, which means that you can rely on the very best grip during sudden changes of direction.

On top of the outsole, you’ll find the IMEVA midsole. This Injection Molded EVA sole safeguards the shoe’s low weight whilst also providing reactive cushioning. The rubber wrap-ups at the sides offer additional lateral stability. PUMA-Mantra-Fusefit-Training As the name of the PUMA Mantra Fusefit suggests, the upper comes in a Fusefit construction, which makes the training shoe fit like a sock. Nonetheless, you’ll still enjoy all of the stability you need around the arch of the foot throughout your workout.

This special shoe comes with additional lacing loops at the sides, so you can adjust the fit to suit the unique shape and size of your foot - simply tighten the laces where you feel you need a better hold.

On the whole, this shoe impresses with its practical features and asymmetrical design, which means the PUMA Mantra Fusefit doubles up as an everyday trainer. What do you think of the Lewis Hamilton PUMA training shoe? PUMA-Mantra-Fusefit-Lewis-Hamilton-247

PUMA A.C.E. Tech Long men’s training tights

To match his new PUMA shoe, the Mercedes Team driver wears the long PUMA A.C.E. Tech training tights. The tight-fitting pants are perfect for high-intensity workouts. dryCELL technology is in charge of wicking perspiration away from the legs to deliver dry comfort even during the toughest workouts.

At the same time, the breathable mesh inserts enable good air circulation to keep your legs cool. The taped seams at the knees provide additional freedom of movement. Like the PUMA Mantra Fusefit shoes, every component of the A.C.E. Tech tights is geared towards top performance. How do you like these tights? PUMA-x-Lewis-Hamilton-Training

PUMA A.C.E. Drirelease 10 men’s training shorts

Lewis Hamilton also wears the PUMA A.C.E. Drirelease 10 training shorts on top of his tights and, like the tights, these shorts are also made of functional material with dryCELL technology. The necessary freedom of movement and comfort are guaranteed by the elasticity of the material.

An equally elasticated drawstring waistband allows you to adjust the pants for a personalised fit. The practical drop-in side pockets provide storage space for essentials, like your phone, keys, etc.

Do you wear your shorts on top of your tights like Lewis Hamilton? Or do you to prefer the single-layer look? PUMA-x-Lewis-Hamilton-247-Training-Short

PUMA Energy Triblend Graphic men’s t-shirt

The top in the PUMA x Lewis Hamilton collection is the PUMA Energy Triblend Graphic men’s t-shirt. The Mercedes driver’s favourite feature in this top is its comfortable Triblend material, which is both soft and high-performing. This top is also equipped with dryCELL technology, ensuring your torso stays during workouts too.

The back of the PUMA Energy Triblend Graphic t-shirt is a little longer than the front - it doesn’t just look cool but also guarantees top comfort no matter how you move. The PUMA logo on the front rounds off this t-shirt beautifully. Time for a workout! PUMA-x-Lewis-Hamilton-Fitness


The PUMA x Lewis Hamilton training collection is similar to the Selena Gomez range: it’s good looking, functional and just as suited to the streets as it is to the gym. We now have the training collection in our selection - check out this cool outfit out for yourself. We look forward to hearing what you think of it.