At the end of 2017, four-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton became the new face of PUMA. Their joint 24/7 collection comes with a message for the world: training doesn’t need to take place in a gym. You can work out in the city, in nature and anywhere in between. Nobody knows this better than Lewis Hamilton who, despite having a full calendar with travelling, competing and doing test runs, still manages to fit in an incredible training schedule. The 24/7 collection was expanded at the end of last year with several new pieces and colours. To be able to train anywhere and at any time - that’s the reason why our partner PUMA created the 24/7 collection. Apart from being highly functional, the garments all bear traces of Lewis Hamilton’s very individual style, making this collection extremely versatile and just as suited to leisure time as it is to work outs. Hamilton himself has the following to say about his training and his partnership with PUMA: “For me, training is one of the most important aspects of my life, I don’t just do it to be fit, but because my job requires me to. Before every race I need to be shedding pounds, this completely makes the difference between winning and losing. [...] I think it’s so dope to be part of not just the PUMA family, but this campaign, which aligns 100% with who I am.” 18SS_RT_Training_Lewis-Hamilton_Cuba_Boxing-Gym_IGNITE-Flash-evoKNIT_Steps_06339_RGB PUMA has also launched training shoes to match the collection: they are the IGNITE Flash evoKNIT. IGNITE FOAM optimises energy return and works together with the EVA midsole to deliver first-class damping. The soft knitted upper is comfortable and offers an outstanding fit. Apart from this, the shoe boasts flex grooves on the outsole that enable a dynamic push-off phase. The shoe is as fast and as energetic as you and your training. Click here to check out the new PUMA men’s collection.

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