Derrick Rose - point guard of the New York Knicks and youngest player in history ever to win an MVP award knows only one thing: victory! In this post he gives us a sneak peek into his strategy for success.


Derrick uses the off-season to concentrate fully on training and improving on his last season’s performance; this is mainly because during his active season he rarely finds the time to visit the gym. “It’s not about being able to lift more weight or managing to do repeat an exercise more often, it’s about training smarter and listening to your body” says Derrick, who tries to break away from habits to stay one step ahead of his opponents.


His principle is to set himself new little goals every day so he does not lose sight of his wider ambitions. When he achieves a big goal, he reminds himself of how important it is to set new goals again. He prefers to train on the court or give his all during cardio sessions, but weight training cannot be skipped. “To surpass my limits I remind myself how effective weight training is for my body”, says Derrick.


A balanced training schedule is also a key to success. Apart from daily workouts, he practises yoga and goes hiking once or twice a week so his body does not get used to a single kind of workout. Here you is the training top used by Derrick Rose. And here you can click through some adidas collections and find suitable training equipment.