Nothing should keep you indoors when the weather’s nice. Get out into nature and explore the mountains (or the moors!). That’s exactly what our Keller Sports Pro Kati did recently. But you might be wondering: which shoes are best for easy hikes, gentle treks, longer weekend trips and even mountain expeditions? Kati tried out the LOWA Lavena II GTX women’s hiking shoes and was very impressed. To find out what she thought of them and what they’re best suited for, read on. Lowa Lavine II GTX on foot

Kati tests the LOWA Lavena II GTX women’s hiking shoes

Our Keller Sports Pro Kati Prametsberger has a degree in sports science and is specialised in prevention and rehabilitation. She has many other fitness and functional training qualifications on top of that. She’s an expert in training, athletics and outdoor sports. In her free time, Kati loves exploring nature, where she likes to work out or just relax. Mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking and surfing in summer; ski touring and skiing in winter - these are just some of her outdoor hobbies. So, to try out the LOWA Lavena II GTX hiking shoes, Kati went off into the mountains again. This was how she felt about these LOWA trekking shoes: Lowa Lavine II GTX Gipfel

LOWA Lavena II GTX: construction

The LOWA Lavena II GTX is very well made. It’s made with high-quality materials, like the hardwearing nubuck leather used for the upper. This LOWA outdoor shoe comes with highly breathable yet waterproof GORE-TEX lining that keeps the foot dry from outside the shoe and within it too. This helps maintain an ideal temperature inside the shoe. The high-quality, non-slip Vibram sole provides outstanding grip on all kinds of terrain, be it gravel, rocks, slippery waterfalls or soggy paths through fields. The deep tread and the prominent wedge mean that this LOWA shoe guarantees security no matter what you step on - even brackets and steps are safe to climb up! The trekking boot can also be re-soled, so you’re sure to get many years of fun out of these LOWA shoes. Apart from all this, the shoes are easy to clean and very durable. I’ve worn them a few times now and can’t see any wear at all. On the whole, a well-made and good-looking women’s hiking shoe.

Lowa Lavine II GTX trekking LOWA Lavena II GTX: comfort

The shoe has a stable shaft that stops you from twisting your ankle. The slim fit was designed for narrow feet, and it’s perfect for me. This shoe’s great fit is mostly thanks to the LOWA Flex shaft construction. The flexible tongue and some purposeful creases, as well as movable lace hooks and eyelets, all work together to provide perfect adjustability. To top it off, the lacing is easy to use. Result: your foot is wrapped up beautifully in smooth leather and you can forget all about pressure points. Despite the shoe’s stable construction, your ankle has plenty of freedom to move. The transition comfort offered by the LOWA Lavena II GTX is very hard to beat.

Lowa Lavine II GTX Test LOWA Lavena II GTX: uses

On the whole, I’d say the LOWA Lavena II GTX hiking boot is suited to all alpine activities. From extended mountain trips to climbing, the GORE-TEX in the shoe really does mean you’re ready for anything. I’m absolutely in love with this pair of LOWA hiking boots!

Lowa Lavine II GTX am Berg Conclusion

The LOWA Lavena II GTX shoe is the perfect footwear for the modern mountain-adventure woman. The shoe offers cushioning and support, as well as outstanding comfort. It’s made with high-quality materials that guarantee years of outdoor fun. I see it mainly as a light backpacking model, but it’s a very versatile trekking shoe. This LOWA shoe is perfect for any outdoor activity you have in mind - be it an evening hike, a challenging trekking trip, a day out in the mountains or a climb.
Lowa Lavine II GTX Gipfelkreuz