This week we’re welcoming yet another Keller Sports Pro to our team. Marvin will be another addition to our winter sports family, sharing his passion for skiing and his experience in the freeride discipline. Marvin will introduce himself in this post:

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“I like to spend most of my free time out in nature, looking for new challenges and an adrenaline rush. In the summer months, my car boot is usually filled with my surfboard, wakeboard and longboard. But my greatest passion is skiing, and I can’t imagine life without it.

There’s such freedom and a sense of connection with nature when you ‘float’ over the snow that I can’t help feeling happy. Skiing is what makes me feel alive, and it’s such a versatile and exciting sport, too. You can go ski touring, show off some tricks in the snowpark or jump over rocks.


To live out my passion, skiing, successfully, I need to be disciplined, have a strong mind and be optimally prepared - that’s the best way to avoid injuries and enjoy the season to the fullest. In winter I spend every free minute on the slopes of the Engelberg, which, for me, is the best freeriding resort in Europe. However, I’d swap Engelberg for a season in Canada or Alaska if I could.


This winter season I’ll be taking part in the Freeride World Tour Qualifier and focussing on sharpening my skills, which is why I need the best equipment. The weather in the mountains is often unpredictable and can turn in the blink of an eye, so it’s essential to be ready for a change of weather and anything else that might crop up. This is the reason why functionality and quality are the first things I consider when I’m buying a product.”

We’re very happy to have Marvin on board and are looking forward to many cool events and days out in the snow with him. Soon you’ll have the chance to read all about his freeriding weekend in Saalbach.