Our Keller Sports Pro team has welcomed a new fitness expert into the family. We would like to give Kati Prametsberger a warm welcome to our Pro team and introduce you to her in this post. Kati has a degree in sports science and specialises in injury prevention and rehabilitation. She also has some extra qualifications in fitness and functional training. As a passionate training, athletics and outdoor expert, she has already led some exhausting but very effective and great fun workouts in our Keller Sports Store in Munich. In her spare time, Kati likes to go out in nature to work out or relax. Mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking and surfing in summer, as well as ski touring and skiing in winter, are just some of her favourite outdoor hobbies. Kati has just as much going on when it comes to fitness. She loves going for a run or cycling and she practises functional weight lifting and yoga. This active amateur athlete uses a Latin phrase to motivate her during the day and throughout her training: “Per Aspera ad Astra”, which means “Through hardships to the stars”. image3 - Kopie For Kati, sport means fun and passion, yet from it she’s learnt something very valuable: “Earn it- great things never come from comfort zones”. In order to achieve something and really experience it, you sometimes have to leave your comfort zone and push your boundaries. It is for this reason that one of her favourite sports experiences is the challenging but marvellous climb up to the Göll massif on the Kehlstein mountain. True to her motto of “Create a life that feels good on the inside and not only looks good on the outside”, the fitness expert wants to try and experience as much as possible in her life. Having a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle is something she really values. We look forward to enjoying even more cool workouts with Kati in our Keller Sports Store and to working with her as a Keller Sports Pro. Berg1 - Kopie