We’re very pleased to welcome a new Keller Sports Pro to our team. Franzi absolutely loves the mountains and the snow, so she’s a great addition to our winter sports Pro family. We’d like to introduce her to you briefly - this is what she has to say about herself:

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The mountains have a magical pull on me and I love exploring them on wide freeride skis in hip-high snow! For me, exercising outdoors, especially in the mountains, is the perfect way to let off some steam and pent-up stress. You’ll always find me on my skis (or on my surfboard or longboard in summer) when I have free time. I also love bouldering.

Those raised in the mountains learn to ski before they can walk - that’s what my father always used to say, and it was certainly the case with me. I stood on my first (plastic) skis when I was just 2 years old, and I’ve wanted nothing more than that ever since. As a kid, that meant that I used to race a lot. Now, I hit the snow whenever I find untouched slopes. Apart from getting an adrenaline kick with every fresh off-piste turn, I just love the feeling of being completely free, being close to nature and having an unlimited space to explore. Every day is a new adventure with new lines and drops - I’m simply at my happiest when I’m on my skis. This sport isn’t just about passion and fun though, you need to train hard and be disciplined. I’ll be testing both of these qualities when I take part in the Freeride World Tour Qualifier in March.


I usually hunt for powder on the Engelberg mountain. This is where I spend all of my free time in Winter. For me, it’s one of the best freeride areas in the Alps. If I could be somewhere else though, I’d definitely choose Revelstoke in British Columbia or Alaska - both of those are right at the top of my skiing bucket list!

Mountain weather can change suddenly and dramatically, so it’s essential to have the right clothes and equipment for the backcountry: safety, functionality and quality are the top priorities here. But looking cool is also important, of course!”


You can read Franzi’s first post here - where she talks about her perfect freeride day!

We’re really looking forward to plenty of cool campaigns and days out in the snow with our Keller Sports Pro Franzi!