Is it a gym bag? A duffel bag? A rucksack? The answer to all three is “yes”! The new Carryall bag by Norwegian brand Douchebags is a good all-rounder thanks to its several functions and features. Douchebags themselves are calling it "The do-it-all, go anywhere duffle bag you’ve been looking for". As we’ll soon be adding this bag to our selection, we’d like to briefly present it to you.


The Douchebags Carryall is basically a bag that comes in two different volumes: 40 litres and 70 litres. The EVA backplate and hidden carrier straps mean that this bag can be worn as a comfortable rucksack. The result is that the Carryall isn’t just suitable for taking to the gym but is also ideal as a travel companion for short or even longer trips. The easily accessible separate compartments at the top and the bottom are perfect for storing small essentials like charging cables or for shoes that need to be packed separately from your clean clothes.


Comfortable to carry thanks to the reinforced EVA backplate, a simple transition between rucksack and bag, an easy way to organise your items in the separate compartments and, to top it all off, an unmistakable Douchebags style. What else could you want from a duffel bag/rucksack/carrier bag? ;-)



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