Do you know the brand Pearl iZumi? We recently added this premium bike brand to our collection. This this post, we’d like to give you an insight into the brand Pearl iZumi, as well as its history and products.

Pearl iZumi: a Japanese bike brand in the US

It’s 1950. Kinji Shimizu, from Japan, earns a living selling 90 lb of handmade clothes every day. He sells his wares in the closest village, which is 38 miles away. And he doesn’t go there by car but by bike. Fast-forward 14 years and his son Hiro, an ambitious racing cyclist, goes on to cycle for the Japanese national team at the Asian Cycling Championships. All of the cyclists wore conventional cotton jerseys during the race, and there was a raffle at the end of the race with a special jersey as prize. It was Hiro’s name that was pulled out of the helmet. The son of Kinji Shimizu received a t-shirt made of 100% nylon - a real novelty at the time. Pearl iZumi road bike That very same year, 1964, his father took the Italian-designed jersey and used it as a template for basing the first bike clothing by the brand Pearl iZumi. Even back then, the founder used only the very best materials. Shimizu continued to research new clothing materials tirelessly and also began to study the natural movements of the human body. A few years later, the Japanese brand Pearl iZumi moved to the US, where it finally got its breakthrough thanks to the sponsorship of the 1984 US Olympic Team. The brand’s constant development of innovative materials and functions helped Pearl iZumi grow to such an extent that it was bought by the giant bicycle company Shimano in 2003, which made Pearl iZumi even more famous. At any bike race, mountain bike event or triathlon you go to, you'll see a vast array of athletes kitted out in premium clothing by Pearl iZumi. Pearl iZumi mountainbike

Pearl iZumi - products with unique functions, materials and designs

Our new bike clothes partner surprises us every year with unique shorts, tops, bike jerseys and jackets. All of the label’s products are focused on performance and design, and we'd like to introduce you to three product lines: the Elite, the Select and the Canyon. Be it for mountain biking, road cycling or cruising around the city, with Pearl iZumi you'll be ready for anything. Pearl iZumi pair mountainbike

Pearl iZumi Elite - light, weatherproof and functional

This clothing range really does live up to its name. Pearl iZumi Elite articles are equipped with the very best technologies to keep you cool, dry and comfortable on your bike. Elite outfits are also designed around the layering principle. A jersey, a vest and a jacket are the perfect combination for all kinds of biking adventures. The Elite shorts also provide superb freedom of movement and too comfort. The so-called Elite Barrier fabric is used for jackets (among other items of clothing), so they can provide you with optimal protection against all weathers. Thanks to the highly reflective details, the jackets also ensure you’re more visible in low-light conditions, making it safer for you to cycle in the early morning or late evening. Light, weatherproof, chic, functional… with a Pearl iZumi Elite jersey, pair of shorts or jacket, you have everything in one outfit. From the Elite Escape women’s bike jersey and the Elite Barrier men’s bike jacket to the Elite Attack men’s bib shorts - check them all out in our shop. Pearl iZumi biking

Pearl iZumi Select - a classic

These clothes owe their name to the Select Transfer fabric they’re made of. This bike clothing material sets new standards in moisture management. The Select range also offers a great fit, high quality and great durability, making it the perfect choice for long weekend rides - though these clothes are also sure to impress on race day. The Select jerseys are not only functional but deliver a great design too. The brand launches a new limited and updated design every spring, meaning that a Pearl iZumi LTD jersey will always match the LTD shorts of the same season. Who says bike jerseys shouldn’t look good too? The Select LTD men’s and women’s jerseys are now available in our shop. Pearl iZumi Select Pursuit Jersey

Pearl iZumi Canyon - no trail too tough

The name might suggest that this a pureblood mountain bike clothing range, but the Pearl iZumi Canyon shorts are actually very versatile. The loose design makes the Canyon shorts perfect for the city. The women’s shorts are made of 2-way stretch fabric, giving you the freedom of movement you need on your bike and the comfort you need for everyday life. The SELECT Escape 1:1™ Chamois provides additional comfort. The Pearl iZumi men’s shorts come in a stereotypical baggy design. Thanks to lightweight Transfer Dry fabric, they also provide optimal moisture management. The removable inside shorts and the comfortable Tour 3D Chamois® make these shorts the perfect garment for bike trails and city streets.

To sum up…

Pearl iZumi is our latest addition to the selection of premium brands offered in our shop. Whether you have a heart for road cycling or mountain biking, between the Elite, the Select and the Canyon collections, you’re sure to find exactly what you want. What’s next on your wishlist? A jersey? A pair of shorts? Elite, Select or Canyon - the choice is yours.