Our Keller Sports Pro Sophie has tried out the Peak Performance Structure running vest for us. She wore it for a functional workout and a run. We’ve summarised her impressions of the vest in this post.


For Sophie, the vest has a normal size and it has a slightly oversized cut, which enables a casual, loose fit. With regards to comfort, Sophie told us the following: “The Structure running vest is very comfortable to wear, it has a cool look and can be used for different kinds of sport”.


It was the vest’s functionality integrated into the cool look that most impressed Sophie. The material is also very flexible and soft. The only thing that Sophie didn’t like about the vest was that it doesn’t have any zipped pockets to store items safely while you run - though there are kangaroo pockets at the front.


The Peak Performance Structure running vest is recommended for yoga, fitness training, running and leisurely activities. You can find many more products from Peak Performance’s current collection in our Keller Sports online shop.