Peak Performance Redefined is a collection of functional clothing designed to bridge the gap between sports, mountaineering and everyday life. The collection impresses with its sleek style, discreet colours and high-quality materials. It offers active city people functional and extremely stylish outdoor and running clothing that is just as appropriate on mountain trails as it is as part of an urban lifestyle. The collection is also ideal for our fitness PRO Sarah, a personal trainer whose life is a balancing act between sports and everyday routine. She has tried out three garments from the collection for sports and leisurely activities: a pair of close-fitting three-quarter-length running pants, a halter neck top and a jacket. Sarah Pender short tights These pants have a practical little inner pocket near the waistband to the right. It cannot be seen from the outside and it does not cause any disturbance during exercise. This pocket is ideal for storing keys or spare change and it can even be closed. The running pants have zips at the calves that open and close with ease. Sarah wore these pants while running and during her spinning, Barre and yoga/Pilates workouts; they felt very comfortable on while she ran and they were soft against her skin. The material is breathable and very soft to touch. At the calves and ankles is where the pants fit best and the cuffs, though close-fitting, do not cut into the skin. A very good aspect of these pants is that, apart from the zips, they lack details like buttons, hard seams or studs, which prevents any discomfort, pressure points or pain during exercises on mats, like those of yoga or Pilates. The pants’ sizing is regular and, in this case, the XS that Sarah wore fit her perfectly. Sarah Credona running shirt This is one of the few running tops that do not have an integrated bra. Sarah thinks this is great because the seams of integrated bras are often too closely cut and do not allow enough air to flow while running. The crossed straps at the back are very pretty. Similar to the running pants, this top’s size XS offered a perfect fit. Apart from that the top has a simple design, a pretty finish, it has no pockets and it combines well with the pants. Sarah Structure Hooded functional vest The jacket is the garment that most impressed Sarah as it is perfect for everyday activities and it is easy to put on over a top. It is made from a grey material and has a very pretty finish. The back of the jacket has a rubber band that stops it from riding up and exposing your back – this could lead to cooling unwanted cooling. The jacket has two pockets with zips similar to those on the pants. The hood is easy to pull over your head and it stays in place while you run. It is big enough to stop it falling down, but it is not so big that it restricts your field of vision. As well as this, the collar is high enough for you to pull it over your mouth if it gets windy. Sarah Sarah’s conclusions Sarah really enjoyed herself while wearing the pants because they are very comfortable. All three garments have regular sizing, so they were neither too big nor too small. All in all, Sarah’s personal favourite from the Peak Performance Redefined collection is the jacket, as it looks great during sports practice and leisurely activities, and it is comfortable to wear.