Stand on the summit and revel in the view. Arrive at a lake and dangle your feet in the water. Finish the trail run with a refreshing drink at an alpine farm. This is what outdoor adventures are all about, isn’t it?

Being outdoors, doing sports and enjoying nature. Many outdoor brands have taken on more and more responsibility so that as many generations after us as possible can have this too. Their approach is – sustainability. Of course, it is important that the functionality of the outdoor products does not suffer as a result.

One brand that does this with flying colours is our partner Peak Performance. Peak Performance has been carefully examining the problem of limited resources and a lack of sustainability for several years now.

We want to show you the different methods the Peak Performance brand has taken to achieve this. And also want to introduce you to two outdoor jackets that prove environmental protection and functionality are not mutually exclusive. Peak Performance Helium men outdoor jacket sustainability nature enviroment

Sustainability out of a love for nature

Since its foundation in 1986, Peak Performance has focused on three things – function, design and environmental protection. The brand was founded by skiers who loved nothing more than being outdoors.

But these words are more than just platitudes; they can be evidenced in many parts of the Åre-based Swedish brand.


Outdoor jackets have long been more than just a functional piece of kit for the mountains and countryside. As garments, they are part of our world of fashion. A fact recognised and identified as a potential problem by Peak Performance.

A jacket may well be stylish and on-trend one year, but this may not be the case the following season and people will buy a new one.

In a move towards sustainability and longevity, Peak Performance therefore designs its products so they remain fashionable over a long period of time. Simple, clean, clear lines, strong colour combinations.


To avoid the need for new outdoor jackets on a regular basis and to ensure that resources are not squandered, it is essential to choose the right materials.

It goes without saying they should offer the necessary functions, but at the same time, they should not harm animals or be used wastefully. An example of Peak Performance’s commitment to responsibility is the Helium Jacket.

The outer material is 100% nylon with a fluorocarbon-free and water-repellent surface. The filling is in a 90:10 ratio between down and feathers and certified by Allied Feather & Down according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

This RDS verifies that no feathers or down are plucked from live animals and that the animals are treated in a morally and ethically manner. Allied Feather & Down is one of Peak Performance’s long-standing partners.

Similar experts and organisations for other materials, such as Better Cotton Initiatives, are also involved. This confirms the Swedish brand’s efforts to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. Peak Performance Helium Outdoor jacket sustainability to safe the enviroment


What sometimes gets a little lost is that outdoor products – like jackets – are sports items. It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s high-performance wear. So it is hardly surprising that this requires special care.

That’s why Peak Performance works together with Clevercare. They provide washing and care instructions, such as how to clean an outdoor jacket properly and thus ensure its durability.

Another care aspect is the reworking and repair of products. This in turn takes action against the constant new purchases referred to above – a fantastic service introduced by Peak Performance to protect our environment.

L.I.T. – Low Impact Technology

Technology is to be found in almost every sports product, nowadays. So why not use technology to reduce the impact on nature? A question Peak Performance also asked itself.

For its new 2019 collection, which includes the Peak Performance Chill Fleece Jacket, the brand uses so-called L.I.T., Low Impact Technology for its manufacturing and dyeing processes. Peak Performance was able to achieve drastic savings in resources through innovative means.

In total, up to 15% less dye, 22% less electricity for heating and cooling, 50% less thermal energy for generating steam and 60% less water are consumed than with conventional dyes.

This also generates less waste, that would otherwise have to be recycled and recovered at great expense. A big step towards environmentally-friendly production. Peak Performance Chill men Outdoor jacket sustainable for the enviroment

Two Peak Performance outdoor jackets as examples of sustainability

As previously mentioned, we would like to introduce two jackets that demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection: The Peak Performance Helium and Chill Outdoor Jackets.

Peak Performance Helium Down Jacket

The Helium has already become something of an icon at Peak Performance. It was originally designed for outdoor expeditions where every gramme counts but still keeps you warm.

An outstanding feature that distinguishes Peak Performance Helium even today. Incredibly light, it has a very small packing volume and yet is still robust and warm. This is thanks to the duck down and feather filling and the water-repellent nylon outer layer.

The quilted pattern design was inspired by the Japanese military parka – simple, functional and yet highly recognisable. It is also a perfect example of Peak Performance’s notion of design (see above).

In somewhat muted but no less stylish colours. All under the motto of ‘versatility’. The Helium not only impresses on the mountain or when out for a walk, it is also ideal for everyday wear in the office.

As a warming layer or on its own, you can never go wrong with a Helium. And when you no longer need it, it fits in any backpack.
Peak Performance outdoor jackets enviroment friendly nature

Peak Performance Chill Fleece Jacket

A classic example of a fleece jacket. The Peak Performance Chill Jacket is soft, comfortable, warm and extremely versatile. Like the Helium, it also works on its own or as a mid-layer.

It features a high collar and detachable hood which allows you to fasten the jacket right up to the top in bad weather conditions. It serves as a light overjacket in warm weather.

Its versatility is in its use: The Peak Performance Chill can be worn as a mid-layer for skiing, as a jacket for cycling to the office and for a leisurely stroll. Who needs a different jacket for every occasion? Peak Performance doesn’t!

Again, the design is kept very classic in a mixture of hues and shades. As previously mentioned, Peak Performance’s goal is to ensure that every jacket suits your lifestyle and wardrobe for a long time to come. The Chill underlines this.
Peak Performance Helium women Outdoor jacket sustainbility for the nature

To sum up

Environmental protection has long since ceased to consist solely of activists chaining themselves to trees to protect forests. It is up to all of us to help nature and to reflect on our own ecological footprint.

Peak Performance understands this and is taking giant strides in the right direction. Sustainability, longevity and environmentally friendly production are critical elements in the chain of nature conservation.

Or how do you see it?