From the 14th April 2016 our partner Peak Performance has started opening virtual pop up stores all over the world as part of their #catchmagichour campaign. Available at these stores are products from the spring 2016 collection that are suitable for the weather at the store location. The interesting thing about this is that the products are "paid for" by participating in specific challenges. Like this athletes have the chance to win free products.

The #catchmagichour is about taking the time to clear your head, push your limits, achieve goals and take on new challenges. An intensive run or hike in unknown territory, for example, or any other activity where you can completely exhaust your energy. It is for this reason that Peak Performance has opened pop up stores - to encourage people to go out and be active.


How do you find a pop up store and how do you get the chance to receive free products?

At especially chosen locations there will be virtual pop up stores offering free Peak Performance products from the spring/summer 2016 collection to anyone who, with the aid of a smartphone, can find the correct GPS coordinates of a store. The products can be unlocked by taking part in a demanding Active Challenge that must then be shared on Instagram. The GPS device will determine whether the participant is in the correct location or not. This unlocks the store and the participant can order free products, depending on availability. Store visitors who are not in the correct location will only get a preview of the products. You can find information about the locations of the shops under


Open your own Peak Performance store

Those of you who cannot visit a current virtual store because of distance issues have the chance to suggest a location for an additional pop up store. In order to take part in the competition you need to takes photos or a video of your favourite workout location and share both these and the GPD coordinates on Instagram under #catchmagichour #mystore.



The #catchmagichour campaign by Peak Performance runs 14.04.2016-09.05.2016 and is aimed at adventurers, hikers, runners, trekkers and urban discoverers. All the information you need about the location of the pop up stores, approximate distances, opening times, collection catalogues and availability of the products can be found at

Images by Peak Performance