This summer, our partner Patagonia is using the slogan “This jacket is rubbish” to market the new Torrentshell jacket, which is made from 100% recycled materials. The weatherproof 2.50-layer H2No™ Performance Standard hard shell jacket comes with a waterproof and vapour permeable membrane that makes it ideal for rainy regions. Eliza Earle, Exploring Yosemite Valley, CA This outdoor jacket with a small pack size is perfect for trekking, climbing and skiing trips but is also great for day-to-day activities. It comes with a Durable Water Repellent coating, so it repels water and snow. Apart from that, the material allows vapour to escape and provides optimal breathability.

In order to give a good example, Patagonia has been investing a lot of time into sustainable production. The 100% recycled Torrentshell jacket adheres perfectly to this outdoor brand’s company motto: “Manufacture the best products, cause as little harm to the environment as possible and inspire other companies to follow your example and find solutions to our current environmental crisis”. Ben, Ted, and Hugh Sturgulewski revisit their childhood home, and childhood pasttimes.Unalaska Island, AK Apart from using recycled raw materials, Patagonia has also implemented Footprint Chronicles®, which adhere to many other good commercial practices. The aim is to make it easy to track the company’s goals in the long-term, these being having a transparent supply chain and making positive, sustainable decisions. Here you can find out more about Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles®. The sustainably produced Torrentshell jacket is in no way inferior to any other weatherproof jackets. With this garment, Patagonia has managed to combine high-quality functionality and attractive design with sustainable production practices. We’re very pleased to have this article in our selection for you! unnamed (5)