Rose Marcario, CEO of our partner Patagonia, has made it her goal and that of her company to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. She is convinced that the best thing consumers can do to protect the environment is use products like clothes for as long as possible. This means that you buy less new things and so spare the waste, emissions and pollution that go into manufacturing a new product. Actually putting this ideal into practice is actually quite simple: mend things instead of throwing them away; keep things instead of buying new ones.


This is how she describes the problem we have: “We live in a throwaway society. Expensive products like cars or washing machines are usually repaired, but in most other cases it is easier and cheaper to buy a new product instead of fixing the old one. There are all kinds of problems arising from mending things, like expiring guarantees or missing information and spare parts. The result is a society of consumers, not owners - there is a big difference between them. Owners take responsibility for their products. They take care of them, clean them, mend them, use them and pass them on. Consumers, on the other hand, just buy, throw away and buy new, leading us into ecological ruin.”

Patagonia is already approaching this problem very successfully. By manufacturing sustainable products, offering life-long product guarantees and having the largest textile repair centre in North America this brand wants to help people use their products for as long as possible. Additional support to this system are staff training sessions on how to repair articles and free online mending tutorials. “We are talking about a huge change of attitude here, but it can start with just a needle and thread” says Rose Marcario. We believe this is a praiseworthy development.