Start the new year full of energy! Improving your fitness levels, health and performance while also getting into shape - sound tiring? Well, of course, if you want to achieve it all, you’ll have to push yourself a little, but we guarantee that with these partner exercises by Kari Traa, you’ll also have great fun! Grab your favourite training partner and yourself new challenges. After all, sharing is caring! Before you start - even though it’ll be twice as hard to focus not only on your own body but also on your partner’s, make sure you do all exercises in a controlled manner and that you keep your entire body tense throughout. During plank positions and knee-bending exercises, it’s vital to keep your back straight and your upper body tense if you want to prevent injuries. Don’t forget to breathe and, remember, practice makes perfect. Have fun powering up!

Exercise 1: double plank For arms, tummy and torso.


Exercise 2: handstand

For improved torso stability and coordination.  

Exercise 3: knee bend and plank

For firming up arms, chest and legs.  

Exercise 4: partner forward roll

For coordination and even more fun =) So, have you done the partner workout? Have you managed to complete all four exercises? We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to tell us about it!