Hiking has a new, dynamic rival sport: trail running. Off-road running on mountainous terrain lets you work on your stamina, coordination and reflexes. Trail running is faster and more intense than hiking but, like hikers, trail runners are rewarded with breathtaking views at the summit and a fresh drink at an alpine hut. Hiking or running - how do you prefer to climb? Our mountain routes might help you decide!

Trail running at Lake Achensee

Rofanspitze (2,259m) is the second highest mountain in the Rofan area after Hochiss (2,299m). What makes this route along the Tyrol Alps so special? Its soft pastures, steep cliffs and stunning ridges. Following the popular Achensee trail running route, mountain climbers can access a whole host of mountains, including Seekarlspitze, Hochiss and Streichkopf. Awesome views of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful Lake Achensee will be with you every step of the way. Achensee
The trail begins at the parking lot of the Maurach cable car in Tyrol. From there, follow the signposted path for around 1.5 hours until you reach the Erfurt mountain hut at 1,834 metres above mean sea level. Continue on the trail towards the Rofan plateau and Haidachstellwand mountain, 2,129 m. Passing the beautiful peaks, the trail carries on up to the Rofan summit (2,259 m). Take the time to enjoy the views up there before you make your way down past the Roh summit, heading towards the Dafalz hut. From there, it’ll take about another hour to get back down into the valley and pass the Dafalz waterfall on the way to the parking lot.
A beautiful panorama, a round trip of around 23 km, several mountain peaks on the same route and a choice of paths to take - what more could you want from a trail? What’s your favourite trail running route?

Difficulty level: moderate Length: 23 km Duration: approx. 6 h
Starting point: 956 MAMSL Climb: 2.213 asc. Highest point: 2.258 MAMSL
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Mountain hike up to Rofanspitze summit

The breathtaking views on the climb up Rofanspitze don’t just make it a popular trail for runners. Hiking up this mountain (2,259m) is also highly recommended for those who prefer a slower pace.

There are many different routes starting at Maurach that lead up the mountain and past several resting points, like Erfurter Hut (1,831m) on the Mauritzköpfl. All along the routes you're treated to spectacular views of Lake Achensee and the surrounding mountains. If you'd like to enjoy the landscape without the long climb, you can take the Rofan funicular up to the Erfurt hut and give yourself a head start. From there, take the 401 hiking path - you’ll go past the Mauritz hut and below the Spieljoch on your way to the Rofan summit. Pass the little Gruba pond and you’ll get beautiful views of the Gruber lake. You’ll also be able to see the Rofan right ahead. Erfurter Hütte

Foto: Jörg Braukmann

At the top, you can enjoy a very impressive 360-degree view of the neighbouring mountains, including the Hochiss, the Unnütze and the Guffert. In the distance, you should be able to discern the Hochkönig, the Zuckerhütl and the Großglockner. The views alone are enough reason to do this hike.

Difficulty level: moderate Length: 10.5 km Duration: approx. 3.5 h
Starting point: 1.831 MAMSL Climb: 551 asc. Highest point: 2.259 MAMSL

Try out these routes for yourself and find out what kind of mountaineer you are!
It goes without saying that other countries have some beautiful trails too. Here are just three of the most scenic trail routes in Europe:

1. Trail run in Pralognan, Rhône-Alpes (France):

The Rhône-Alpes are situated at a point where France, Switzerland and Italy meet. We’re going to tell you about a mountainous trail in this region that’s over 17 km long and takes you on a good 1,000-metre climb. The starting and finishing point is Les Houches, on the northern foot of the Mont Blanc. You’ll pass Tête de la Charme on your way to the highest point on the trail, Le Prarion, at 1,950 MAMSL. This is a breathtaking route at the foot of the tallest mountain in Europe.

Difficulty level: moderate Length: 17.5 km Duration: approx. 4 h
Starting point: 995 MAMSL Climb: 1.149 asc. Descent: 1.155 MAMSL

2. Trail run from Pico de la Cruz to Los Cancajos:

La Palma is famous for its unique flora and fauna, its steep cliffs and its volcanic soil. Together, they make this island the ideal place for exploring and trail running. The route that we recommend takes you from Pico de la Cruz, 2,313 MAMSL, to Santa Cruz and Los Canajos. A climb of almost 3,000 metres might seem a challenge, but you only need three to four hours to cover the 26 km route.

Difficulty level: moderate Length: 27 km Duration: approx. 3.5 h
Starting point: 2.313 MAMSL Climb: 679 asc. Descent: 2.964 MAMSL

3. Primiero Dolomiti Marathon - 26 k:

The characteristic peaks of the Dolomites offer trail runners lots of opportunities to practice their favourite sport. The second half of the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon boasts some beautiful natural landscapes and allows runners to keep up a good pace. With a climb of just 450 metres and almost 1,200 metres of descent, you can speed up your run and enjoy your surroundings at leisure. The route runs from San Martino di Castrozza to Fiera di Primiero, passing by the amazing Calaita Lake.

Difficulty level: moderate Length: 26 km Duration: approx. 4.5 h
Starting point: 731 MAMSL Climb: 446 asc. Descent: 1.187 MAMSL