We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong! Outdoor means action and adventure, nature and the environment. Films about it amaze us. Be inspired by a selection of the biggest outdoor adventures!   Nobody’s River - The Kayak Adventure In Mongolia Amber Valenti and her three friends Becca Dennis, Sabra Purdy and Kyrstle Wight are on the search for a river that flows from its source to its mouth. It leads her to east Mongolia where the source of the Armur originates. 500km of very contrasting scenery leads the team through their outdoor adventure.   El Sendero Luminoso: The American Free-Climber The American Alex Honnold devotes himself to one of the most dangerous sports in the world: Climbing without ropes. In January 2014 he took on a 762m high rock face with complete confidence in his abilities in Mexico.   Don’t Look Down: The Skyscraper Free Climb Even at 50m without ropes this adventurer will have time for a selfie. James Kingston risks everything for the view below him – no matter whether cranes, bridges or skyscrapers.   The Frozen Titans: On The Face Of Frozen Waterfalls Ice climber Will Gadd took on, at subzero temperatures, the adventure of a 141m back wall of a waterfall. Even with ice having regularly knocked his safety ropes, Will was never discouraged.   Rad Company: Mountain Bike Action Brandon Semenuk and his gang miss no tricks on their mountain bike tours. Even in rain or darkness the mountain bikers devote themselves to their MTB tricks.   Cave Connection: Unknown Underground Kieran Mckay has for some time been preoccupied with whether the Nettlebed and Stormy Pot caving systems of an island south of New Zealand are inter connected. But he found the answer, only thousands of meters underground. On the cold, wet and drity route, he approached both sides to solve the mystery.   Afterglow Free skiing is being seen in a new light in the Mountainous regions of British Columbia and Alaska: The darkness of untouched nature is being brought to light with headlamps, colour films and free skiers in LED suits. Every year the European Outdoor Film Tour, the film event of the European outdoors, bring together a selection of the greatest outdoor films from the greatest adventurers, leaving every outdoor fanatic amazed. Be inspired for your next adventure! See images of outdoor fanatics, who make the extraordinary possible.