At the end of January, our Keller Sports Pro Julian Lill decided to go on an ice climbing expedition and try out the Black Yak Gore Pro 3-layer jacket and pants for us. He tested them both for an entire week in extreme conditions. He went to Ahrntal, in South Tyrol, and experienced among other things temperatures of -20 degrees, waterfalls dropping to over 200 metres and strong winds - this meant that he was able to test and review all possible functions of the clothes he was wearing. Thanks to his car battery and large headlight, he was even able to continue his activities at dusk.


He has highlighted the following positive aspects of the garments: The jacket and pants are windproof, which is essential for sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to the large zips under the arms and along the legs of the pants, you can acclimatise well during physically challenging activities. With four pockets in the pants and five in the jacket, this outfit offers a lot of storage space that is easy to access. The fabric is very robust, and the pant cuffs are reinforced, which meant that our Pro Julian came back from his ice-climbing expedition without any cuts or scrape on his pants for the very first time. The Gore-Tex membrane and the zips proved to be completely waterproof even under the waterfall. The hood and the snow guard both work beautifully and can be adjusted easily. The last positive aspect to point out is the fact that the jacket is longer than most jackets, so it is compatible with a climbing belt and stays in place at all times.


The only criticism Julian has of this outfit is that the zips are a little difficult to use, which can be uncomfortable while climbing up a wall of ice. All in all though, he was very pleased with both garments and would strongly recommend them/

JulianFront The jacket and the pants you can directly see and purchase in our Keller Sports online shop.

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