When Mike Pfotenhauer left uni in 1974 he had a head full of ideas and a sewing machine, and he began to make rucksacks in Santa Cruz, California. His inventive spirit and love for crafts drove him forward. “My personal philosophy is that I enjoy life more when I’m surrounded by things I have made and built myself. Like this I understand my surroundings and feel more connected to my environment. I came fresh out of university and really enjoyed organising my own time, making equipment and hearing stories of how the items I made travelled around the world.”, says Pfotenhauer.

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The practical rucksacks hit it off with customers so well that production moved to Vietnam, and Pfotenhauer and his family even moved there to supervise development. From early on, this company has been making natural conservation and sustainability a high priority. Today, Osprey continues to work with the best, most sustainable and most functional materials possible, which are put through thorough testing. Osprey encourages every customer to keep and use a rucksack for a long as possible. This is why the brand’s guarantee offers to repair items as often as possible instead of promising to replace them.

Apart from the aim of being sustainable, Osprey also places functionality very high in its priority list. With inventions like the AG AntiGravity™ back system and the ExoForm™ Biostretch™ shoulder straps, comfort and air circulation of the rucksacks are optimised. Spacious, weatherproof and easy-access pockets are particularly important in outdoor rucksacks - Osprey has identified this need and provided for it. Osprey rucksacks are not only very functional, but also very light in weight, making them an ideal piece of equipment for both long and short trips in nature. Try them out for yourself!