When it comes to staying safe on the piste, you shouldn’t make any compromises. You should be able to rely on your helmet no matter what. You like to push your boundaries, you’re a thrill-seeker, you deserve the best quality - this is why we’d like to introduce you to the Bollé Backline Visor Premium ski helmet. This helmet is made by a superb brand that specialises in sports equipment, like helmets and goggles. It offers extremely good protection and comfort. The Premium version of the Backline Visor boasts a chic metallic coating and an improved inner lining, which is easy to remove and can be washed. This means that the Visor Premium not only provides unparalleled protection but also great style and comfort on the piste. BacklineVisorPremium_Produktild The ABS hard shell is extremely shock-proof and delivers outstanding impact absorption. The helmet has a wide field of vision, so you have a great view of your surroundings. You can adjust the ventilation system yourself, allowing more or less air into the helmet as you need it. The redesigned Click-To-Fit™ system means that the helmet will adapt perfectly to the shape of your head. We now have the incredibly chic, top-quality and comfortable Backline Visor Premium by Bollé in three different sizes. Our product description will tell you all about its functions and what makes this helmet stand out as the piece of equipment that will meet all of your demands. Instagram_2