Our Keller Sports PRO Laura Trinkl has tested the new Asics Gel-DS Trainer 22 for us again this year. The previous model, the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 21, became one of her favourite shoes, so she could barely wait to try out the latest version. image2 Asics, in general, produces shoes that are a little smaller than those of other brands. For this reason, Laura chose a size 39 instead of her usual 38.5 The good fit of the shoe becomes obvious from the first try. It’s especially suited to those who have narrow feet. On the running track, the shoe adjusted perfectly to Laura’s foot and the removable insole provided a comfortable feeling. What makes the sole of this shoe special is its damping and good moisture absorption. Compared to the previous model, this is where you see a great improvement. Laura didn’t get any blisters at all on her toes, even during the first run. image4 The shoe is perfect for medium-length and long runs and comes with a high-performance Gel system that absorbs strong impacts from all over the foot. While you run, the flex groove under the sole guides the foot and ensures a powerful landing phase. Apart from that, the shoe is suited to all terrains, be it tarmac, grass or forest paths. The particularly tough rubber on the outsole provides optimal grip in all weather conditions. image3 Laura’s conclusion: the shoe fits like a sock and is therefore ideal for runners with narrow feet and a slight tendency to overpronate. Laura was so happy with the shoe that she’ll be running in it during the upcoming half marathon in September. If you’re looking for the perfect shoe for your next run, check out the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 22!