Hello, I’m Christina Hering - a competitive athlete and reigning German champion of the 800 metres. Running is my life and has been more than a hobby for a long time. My greatest achievement to date has been taking part in last year’s Olympics in Rio, but I’m already preparing for my next big goals: next year’s European Championship in Berlin and, of course, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. On my personal Instagram blog I talk about what professional training means to me and what highs and lows you go through on your journey towards a big goal.

Überglücklich: Christina Hering mit ihrem Coach Daniel Stoll nach der erreichten Olympiaqualifikation

I’ve been working at evalu for a couple of months. I like the concept of making professional running training available to all athletes. After all, it shouldn’t be just us top athletes who have the best coaches keeping an eye on our health.

Over the last two years, evalu has combined expert knowledge with the best medical technology tools - the result is the first ever digital running coach. This consists in a smartphone app that analyses the runners’ every step by using a textile sensor in the shoe. Based on the information gathered, the running coach provides the athlete with live coaching and personalised training recommendations. This means that the evalu.run running coach can, for example, accurately estimate your running speed and keep you within your thresholds of effective training. Thanks to the personalised tips and training reviews, the runner learns more and more about him/herself and becomes a running expert.


So other runners can benefit from my experience as a competitive athlete, in the past few months I have been working on the coaching tips and have relied on my training and competition experience to do so. I hope this will help other runners structure their training better and that my tips will guide them on their way towards healthy and effective training in preparation for their next competition goal.

Check it out for yourself at www.evalu.com

Your Christina