The brand Odlo is famous for its functional running, outdoor and winter sports baselayers. Over time, Odlo has succeeded in developing new technologies and materials that are guaranteed to deliver the best functions for your sport. But what do the names Odlo Performance and Active F-Dry stand for?

To answer this question, we’ve written part 3 of our material know-how series all about these two technologies: Odlo Performance and Odlo Active F-Dry. What do the names stand for? How do these two materials differ? How are they used to improve Odlo ski baselayers? Read on to find out.

Odlo Performance

We want to discuss Odlo Performance first. As you can guess from the name, this is a performance-oriented technology that will support you during sporty activities - whether you’re on mountain trails, on skiing slopes or in your running shoes. Let’s take a closer look at Odlo Performance.

The technology

The philosophy of Odlo Performance is “Minimal seams, maximal comfort”, which already goes a long way toward explaining what the technology is about: Odlo Performance sports baselayers are seamless. This alone is enough to improve comfort massively, but the sports baselayers also feature a figure-hugging fit and deliver superb moisture management. Thanks to these properties, Odlo Performance products impress with ultimate comfort, no matter what sport you practise and in what conditions. Overall, Odlo has split its Performance range into four categories:

On the one hand, Odlo Performance Light is best suited to challenging sports activities in variable conditions. The products in this category are lightweight and dry extremely fast. Effect by Odlo fibres have antibacterial properties that prevent the build-up of unpleasant smells.

Odlo Performance Warm products, on the other hand, are perfect for all kinds of winter sports, as their circular-knit technology insulates and warms any exposed body parts. The areas that produce the most perspiration, however, are supported by extremely effective functional material zones that draw moisture away from the skin to keep the body dry.

On particularly cold skiing days, you can opt for Odlo’s Performance X-Warm series. These clothes are made of completely seamless and strategically positioned zones that provide the body with extra warmth where it’s most needed. Like the two Odlo Performance versions we’ve already discussed, Performance X-Warm also wicks moisture away from the skin, so you can concentrate on enjoying your day in the snow, no matter how cold it gets. Odlo Blackcomb Winter The last category is called Odlo Performance Blackcomb. Blackcomb offers a combination of warmth, ventilation and comfort. In the areas that produce the most perspiration, like the elbows, the back, the tailbone area and the back of the knees, the material’s seamless mesh structure provides additional ventilation. The kidney area, however, is covered in a ribbed structure that delivers extra warmth.

The products

As we’ve done in our other material know-how posts, for every technology we’ve mentioned, we’re now going to give you an example of an Odlo product that uses it. This will make it easier for you to know straight away what Odlo Performance ski baselayers are ideal for you.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Odlo Performance Blackcomb functional top. This baselayer is available in a men’s model and a women’s model. Thanks to its seamless body-mapping principle, this Odlo garment provides optimum moisture management, making it ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.

The long-sleeved Performance Blackcomb functional top’s insulating feature means that it serves as the perfect ski baselayer. It’ll keep you warm through the winter. Odlo Blackcomb Damen The Odlo Performance Light t-shirt is quite thin when compared to the Performance Blackcomb top. The Light model offers unrestricted freedom of movement and has been made 20% more breathable than its predecessor, which means superb moisture management for the wearer. Armed with Effect by Odlo technology, the garment’s inbuilt silver ions prevent the build-up of body odour.

You can create the perfect baselayer outfit by combining either one of these tops with the Odlo Performance Warm functional pants. This baselayer is also available for both men and women, and it offers top performance even in cold winter weather.

The functional baselayer pants are equipped with moisture-wicking and fast-drying properties, and the seamless Web technology prevents chafing. With Odlo Performance baselayers, you’re well prepared for the coming winter season.

Odlo Active F-Dry

The second technology we want to discuss in this post is called Odlo Active F-Dry. This technology’s name is quite obvious too, as the main function of this material is that it provides optimum moisture management. Read on to find out more about this Odlo material.

The technology

Odlo Active F-Dry is a material that comprises two different elements. The inside is made of polypropylene, while the outside is polyester. The result is a so-called push-pull effect, which means that moisture is wicked away from the body and pushed out through the interior layer (push effect). The exterior layer, in turn, draws the moisture to the surface of the garment (pull effect).

These properties of the Odlo material keep your body warm and dry even during the most challenging sports. The two components might sound highly chemical but they’re actually derived from biological and recycled materials. The superb moisture management makes Odlo Active F-Dry ideal for use in baselayers that come in direct contact with the skin. It is precisely for this reason that the material is extra soft and comfortable - so it’s not only warm but also comfortable to wear. As this material’s features are useful in almost every sport, it goes without saying that Odlo Active F-Dry sports underwear is extremely versatile. Whether you’re on skis, in running shoes or in mountain boots, Active F-Dry technology is sure to support both men and women during their sporty pursuits.

The products

We’re now going to introduce you to three products that use Odlo Active F-Dry technology. This Odlo underwear is available in men’s and women’s models. Let’s start off with the SUV TOP Crew Neck top.

This short-sleeved functional top by Odlo comes armed with Active F-Dry Light that keeps you cool and dry on hot days. The push-pull effect we described earlier also applies to this Odlo top, meaning that moisture is quickly wicked away from the skin while you exercise.

Just like the short-sleeved top, the sleeveless singlet is equipped with Effect by Odlo technology, which has an antibacterial feature that neutralises unpleasant odours. The SUW TOP Light boasts a v-neck and UPF 40 that shields you from harmful rays.

These ladies’ and gents’ Odlo tops can be combined with the matching shorts. The slim-fitting SUW Bottom shorts from the Active F-Dry Light collection will support you during daily training and keep you dry.

The extremely light shorts are made of double-layer material - the inside is comfortable against the skin, while the outside provides moisture management. Wear an entire Odlo outfit if you want the full benefit of Active F-Dry Light technology during your daily training. Odlo Running