One factor makes all the difference. One factor could be the reason why you’re not achieving specific goals. It might sound a bit harsh but a single second or a millimetre can make the difference between a victory and a failure. In sports, we strive for achievements. We aim to be better than others and to always challenge ourselves. For some, this one factor of difference could be an extra workout, for others, it’s a cooling piece of clothing.

Odlo is a high-quality sports clothes manufacturer and specialises in functional underwear. To set the brand apart, this company has created Ceramicool. This unique garment will help you find that winning factor and turn a normal day into a roaring success.

The unique cooling technology ensures you can perform flawlessly even on hot summer days. The cooling effect will lower the temperature of your skin by up to 1 °C.


What makes Ceramicool products special is the use of Ceramicool yarn in the production. To quickly draw heat away from the body, this fabric has ceramic particles and a flat cross-section structure that forms tiny air channels. This means that the ultra-lightweight Ceramicool yarn is particularly breathable and provides perfect ventilation.

One factor that will make sure nothing can stop you from achieving your goals this summer. One factor that allows you to perform at your very best.

Teaser Ceramicool 720x405px Herren

The men’s and women’s Ceramicool collection is divided into two parts: the Seamless and the Pro. “What’s the difference?”, you may ask.

The Seamless models are made from 100% Ceramicool yarn and have a UPF of 30+.

The Pro articles are made from a combination of Ceramicool yarns and high-quality mesh. Their UPF is 25+.

Try it out for yourself - you’re guaranteed to feel the difference. You can find the collection in our shop.