Our partner Saucony has joined up with Japanese artist Ryoono to create a unique version of the Saucony Freedom ISO. Ryoono is a highly acclaimed Japanese artist who uses a bright, original style that’s very memorable. The motto he bases his art and also his life on is "Live your life on your own". With this in mind, the Saucony Freedom ISO has now been relaunched in a bold green design. We love the gradient-coloured green shoe with the pattern between the heel and midfoot, don’t you? 170817_Saucony-Freedom-ISO-Artist-SMU-5-1024x768 Of course, this shoe’s look is what impresses the most, but its functionality is not far behind. The seamless construction of the Engineered Mesh material makes the fit lighter and more stable than ever before. Because the upper is made up of fewer layers, the shoe feels more comfortable and more flexible. Thanks to Saucony EVERUN damping technology under the entire insole, you’ll receive some energy return during every step - for an energetic run. 170817_Saucony-Freedom-ISO-Artist-SMU-6-1024x768 We have the strictly limited shoe now in our selection for you. Be the first to get the Japanese Freedom ISO. 170817_Saucony - Freedom ISO (Artist SMU)-1