The top-class brand Bogner has been pursuing its passion for fashion and sports for over 80 years. Creativity and continuity have been the decisive factors in this business’ success and have taken it from being a small manufacturer based in a backyard in Munich to becoming the international label it is today. We now have this first-class brand’s winter sports collection 2017 in our selection and would like to tell you a little more about the brand and its new range. Willy Bogner Senior was a successful cross-country skier and ski jumper who collected several titles, including eleven German skiing championship titles. In 1932, he decided to turn his passion into a business. Bogner’s symbol on the modern, functional sports clothing is still a large letter B. In 1989, Bogner launched the first Fire + Ice collection, which was a true representation athletic dynamism and modern vitality. With time, Bogner Fire + Ice developed into its own brand. Bild1 Inspired by racing, the motto of this year’s collection is “Race to the Limit”. This season, Fire + Ice is concentrating on the combination of ski and activewear, attracting even competitive skiers. The men’s ski clothing focuses above all on technology and finish. The use of top-quality, innovative materials promises outstanding quality in the products. As for the women’s clothes, the main characteristic is the balance between function and style. Starting this year, Bogner Fire + Ice jackets have a bronze-coloured, embroidered logo on the side. Functionality, technology and fashion - that’s what makes up Bogner Fire + Ice products. We’re very pleased to be able to offer you these in our selection! Click here to check out all the products from Bogner Fire + Ice.