Our partner ASICS has expanded its still very recent FuzeX collection with yet another shoe. The ASICS FuzeX Rush was developed for tarmac, streets and the city. The ASICS designers in Japan have been inspired by tarmac itself - one of the most frequented crossings in the world, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, was what sparked the idea. It is fast, lively and fascinating.


The new ASICS FuzeX Rush has turned out to be an extremely lightweight shoe that, despite its low weight, offers the performance of a good running shoe. To provide the grip needed in a city, the outsole has been reinforced with very robust, terse rubber in key areas. This improves the durability and traction of the shoe, while the flex groove provides dynamic guidance for the foot.

ASICS own fuzeGEL technology was used in the midsole, meaning that the damping Gel elements have been combined with light Solyte material. The result is outstanding damping throughout the bottom of the shoe.


The thin and particularly breathable upper provides the ideal air circulation and keeps your foot dry and cool while you run. The seamless construction also offers a very high level of comfort. All in all, ASICS’ FuzeX Rush is a brilliant city running shoe that above all impresses with its low weight and great performance. Tarmac was also the designers’ inspiration for the look of the shoe - it comes in sleek black/grey/white tones. On the sole there is also a tarmac-like structure to be seen. The shoe simply belongs on the road.

We now have the new ASICS FuzeX Rush in stock, as well as other articles from the FuzeX collection.