Following the latest new partners, like Italian brand Dolomite (read about it here), Keller Sports now has the pleasure of introducing you to yet another new affiliate company: HANWAG. This outdoor brand was founded way back in 1921 by Hans Wagner, who came from a veritable shoemaking dynasty. Just like his father and grandfather before him, Jetzendorf-born Hans learnt the craft of shoemaking from a young age. His two brothers, Alfred and Lorenz, did the same thing and went on to found the famous outdoor brands Hochland and LOWA.


In 1919, Hans Wagner learnt the art of double stitching, which is still only mastered by few today. Then, in 1921, he became self-employed in Vierkirchen, close to Dachau. At the beginning, he made shoes to measure and offered repairs. From there, a retailer heard of the high quality of his shoes and bought the business. Demand was on the rise and, for the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, HANWAG manufactured the first ever leather ski boots. By 1956, Hans’ nephew Josef Wagner had already taken over his uncle’s business. That year, HANWAG took part for the first time in the sports article trade fair in Wiesbaden (a forerunner of the ISPO) and made good connections with America.


Since then, the brand has been designing many special sports shoes - ski touring boots, climbing shoes and even paragliding shoes. In 1996, HANWAG designed the Alaska GTX, which is still one of the brand’s bestsellers and has remained practically unchanged all these years. 2009 saw the birth of HANWAG’s own IceGrip sole, which they used on all winter shoes from then on - the ground glass fragments in the outsole mean that the shoe offers seven times more support on slippery surfaces than conventional winter boots. Even today, the brand is still very busy creating innovations and new technologies that live surpass customer expectations.

We’re happy to be able to offer HANWAG’s premium products in our selection - you can find them here.