The challenges you face as a mountain climber, alpine guide and athlete are big. You can’t compromise on quality when you’re up in the mountains. The North Face Summit Series will live up to your expectations on any route, in any weather and during any kind of activity. The brand’s Mountain System offers clothing equipped with a myriad of technologies, so you’re well prepared for any situation. In our selection, you’ll now find The North Face Summit clothing, which was specially designed for mountain sports. The series is perfect for dealing with the challenges of unforeseen bad weather on unpredictable mountain terrain. “Alpinism is a passion always swinging between sanity and insanity. I love playing passion.” - Hansjörg Auer, mountain climber. 92a6177a-493b-4e49-af8d-41b0a0c8141a Making quick decisions and keeping up a fast pace up in the mountains means that your clothes need to be, above all, light. This is precisely the property that The North Face Summit Series focuses on the most. Apart from light clothes, different kinds of climbing techniques in unpredictable weathers and temperatures also require clothing that fits well and keeps you warm. The Summit Series pieces come with a kinetic alpine fit that meets all of your demands while you move freely up in the mountains. As well as this, the layering system ensures your body doesn’t cool. The latest technologies absorb your body heat and draw perspiration out of the garment. VENTRIX™ technology provides an insulating layer made up of breathable materials with dynamic ventilation slits. THERMOLITE® technology, on the other hand, is what absorbs your body heat and shields you from the rain. Set yourself new challenges and don’t compromise on functionality. In our selection, you can now find selected products from The North Face Summit Series for your next mountain adventure.